Quinn Hughes In Distinguished Company

Quinn Hughes has been on fire in the post-season; matching the longest point streak by a rookie defenseman in NHL history and tying Henrik Sedin for the Canucks franchise-record, playoffs point streak.
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  • copied washington soundtrack for their cup year

    Niko LushNiko Lush6 månader sedan
  • Man I thought we got screwed when we got put back in the draft lottery but now I think we won it when we got him👍let's do it boys

    Jim GillJim Gill6 månader sedan
  • Im calling it now.. Hughes wont just be the canucks best dman ever, he ll go down as one of the best in nhl history

    faithfuleaglefaithfuleagle6 månader sedan
  • Hope this kid sticks around and stays healthy, he has the potential to be the next Lidstrom and will be captain one day.

    Swag JuiceSwag Juice6 månader sedan
  • Wait till this kid puts on 10 more pounds of lower body strength and 5 more pounds of upper body strength too add to his skill and hockey IQ. not as good as Orr but better than Leetch.

    Michael BradleyMichael Bradley6 månader sedan
  • What type of mask do they wear?

    Jaxon WoodJaxon Wood6 månader sedan
  • Get the win tonight

    VestedGamingVestedGaming6 månader sedan
  • We need a big win tonight!! Let’s Go

    Hockey BudHockey Bud6 månader sedan
  • Cale Makar fans disliked this video.

    mojomojo6 månader sedan
  • Quinn Hughes is what we have always needed.

    JBJB6 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks go we can do this guys come play your hardest

    ItsStaticXDItsStaticXD6 månader sedan
  • Cale who?

    gocanuckurselfgocanuckurself6 månader sedan
  • go canucks

    H FamH Fam6 månader sedan
  • boeser wil have a big game tonight

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj6 månader sedan
  • How lucky are we to get to watch Hughes’ NHL career

    SaspdenSaspden6 månader sedan
    • Can't believe no one picked him before us.

      GateKeeperGateKeeper6 månader sedan
  • Let’s gooooo boys

    M14M146 månader sedan

    Mr BeafyMr Beafy6 månader sedan
  • Can you guys bring back king of the rink segments with this new core and team !

    jack murakamijack murakami6 månader sedan
  • cancelled

    huggybeqrhuggybeqr6 månader sedan
  • Cale Makar disliked this video

    Nav GillNav Gill6 månader sedan
  • Need that epic victory royale tonight boys!

    FishbyFishby6 månader sedan
  • Let win tonight

    Nolan Alexander-MitchellNolan Alexander-Mitchell6 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks Go! Focus ! SCORE! Don't take Stupid Penalties. How Bad Do YOU Want This Win? Relax! Do Your Best. Fans Love You.

    Mary Ann DominatoMary Ann Dominato6 månader sedan
  • We need that dub tonight baby let’s gooooooo

    Matt CMatt C6 månader sedan
  • Took Huggy Bear all of one season to become the single most talented D-man we ever had. Which doesn't feel like a big compliment given our history with d-men but boy is he ever talented.

    JeremyCuddlesJeremyCuddles6 månader sedan
  • Huggy bear 🐻

    Lion95Lion956 månader sedan
  • Quinn Hughes what a guy!!

    Taco KidsTaco Kids6 månader sedan
  • Let’s win today guys

    Nishanvir SidhuNishanvir Sidhu6 månader sedan
    • We did it!

      theo jtheo j6 månader sedan
    • Nishanvir Sidhu gooo canucks gooooo

      Ben HenBen Hen6 månader sedan
    • Ik

      Nishanvir SidhuNishanvir Sidhu6 månader sedan
    • Good idea

      Ricky LafleurRicky Lafleur6 månader sedan
    • 3-1 Canucks let’s go

      Nishaan JauholNishaan Jauhol6 månader sedan
  • Please win tonight

    xUnchart4dxUnchart4d6 månader sedan
  • Quinn Hughes! What a guy!

    JD's AviationJD's Aviation6 månader sedan