Michael Bublé & Elias Pettersson Sing Christmas Carols

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” 🎶 Michael Bublé & Elias Pettersson did just that at Canuck Place Children's Hospice this holiday season, surprising families and staff by performing Christmas carols.
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  • It’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual! ☻︎

    Just JulesJust JulesMånad sedan
  • Petey blink-count: 4(ish). Silent assassin. Really lovely thing to do. Even though Petey doesn't "even know the Swedish ones". 💕😀

    BJ MurrayBJ MurrayMånad sedan
  • seeing people wearing masks outside makes me sick

    Hare BrahsHare BrahsMånad sedan
  • Petey looks so confused and uncomfortable, lmao

    Brendan GoodingBrendan GoodingMånad sedan
  • Elias! lägg ner din musiksatsning och kom hem till Växjö och bli svenskmästare igen!

    JonasJonas2 månader sedan
  • LOL

    BINZifyBINZify2 månader sedan
  • A very kind this to do from two superstars in their fields

    Murray CameronMurray Cameron2 månader sedan
  • nice thing to do as a canuck, its ok Petey we understand ,its the thought that counts

    Pamela HaoPamela Hao2 månader sedan
  • The old Petterbube duo

    Travis GreenTravis Green2 månader sedan
  • Mask up sheeple

    Dr. Von’s Life InvestingDr. Von’s Life Investing2 månader sedan
  • #walkwithelias

    Luke ToussaintLuke Toussaint2 månader sedan
  • Michael we are so proud of you.

    Judith RaeJudith Rae2 månader sedan
  • God Jul, Petey🤩🤩❤❤❤

    Justin CurranJustin Curran2 månader sedan
  • Just awesome

    lucky536lucky5362 månader sedan
  • Don't quit your day job Petey! LOL

    Jimbo RocksJimbo Rocks2 månader sedan
  • Very nice

    Ian OswaldIan Oswald2 månader sedan
  • ”I don’t even know the Swedish songs.” Trust me he does. Or at least knows about them.

    Rich NorthmountainRich Northmountain2 månader sedan
  • Mary crismas

    Cassandra Damberg - Marieskolan 5Cassandra Damberg - Marieskolan 52 månader sedan
  • So happy to be a CanadiAn

    Roberta WillsRoberta Wills2 månader sedan
  • I think Petey should stick to hockey

    CP CCP C2 månader sedan
  • God jul

    Måns LundinMåns Lundin2 månader sedan
  • Alternate title: Michael Buble sings Christmas carols while a confused and scared Elias Petterson stands beside him awkwardly

    Ethan Pollock [Student]Ethan Pollock [Student]2 månader sedan
  • Such an awkward video

    CrustyCrusty2 månader sedan
  • If you guys don’t already know, Elias mentioned on a podcast that he is terrified of singing. He even said that if he was drunk he wouldn’t attempt to sing. Talk about anxiety!

    RobRob2 månader sedan
  • EP40 is looking like maybe he bulked up a bit

    Billy Bob MirangoBilly Bob Mirango2 månader sedan
  • what

    Jonah HeschelJonah Heschel2 månader sedan
  • Petey reminds me of me at family gatherings

    Yrb KYrb K2 månader sedan
  • How can you sing with masks on?? Oh, my, Micheal did it very well!!

    Katherine M.Katherine M.2 månader sedan
  • This is as awkward as it gets

    ArcticwolfArcticwolf2 månader sedan
  • In masks? Oh, please. How idiotic.

    Jet GorgonJet Gorgon2 månader sedan
  • Beautiful! You guys are great sports for braving the cold and appearing there. Merry Christmas to you all

    Lora WitzelLora Witzel2 månader sedan
  • Well Petey you brought the right guy!

    Barb KatzBarb Katz2 månader sedan
  • It's not happy holidays....it's merry Christmas....Birth of our redeemer...hell with your political correctness

    Gladwin SamuelGladwin Samuel2 månader sedan
    • Plus minus 7 years , so yeahh !

      Jörgen FredrikssonJörgen Fredriksson2 månader sedan
  • Nice Video

    Pedram MPedram M2 månader sedan
  • Petey not knowing any of the songs is very cute. He is a good sport. Good on both Michael and Petey for doing this.

    Julianne LeungJulianne Leung2 månader sedan
  • Petey was more there for support, not sure how you can dislike this a NHL star and talented singer doing this to help out in a hard time

    Ray KonRay Kon2 månader sedan
  • If no ones going to say it, I will. Where is the music?

    mark malczynskimark malczynski2 månader sedan
  • I liked the video on the title alone.

    mark malczynskimark malczynski2 månader sedan
  • “Used to laugh and call him names like Messier” I’m laughing so hard right now 😂

    Nick The GoalieNick The Goalie2 månader sedan
    • Lol same

      Matt MelnykMatt Melnyk2 månader sedan
  • Love the Messier part

    Charlie NgCharlie Ng2 månader sedan
  • Nex time give Petey a sheet with the lyrics!

    thetrueliethetruelie2 månader sedan
  • hughes would have been pertfect.... alright , uhhhhh

    Roberto LuongoRoberto Luongo2 månader sedan
    • lol dressed as an elf

      taylormartin2008taylormartin20082 månader sedan
  • I love him.

    Zbleubleu OKeyDokeyZbleubleu OKeyDokey2 månader sedan
  • When you have no idea about the songs but it’s okay because you have a mask.

    EastVanderEastVander2 månader sedan
  • Did Petey sing once lol

    JoeyWoodcroftJoeyWoodcroft2 månader sedan

    hold tight aszneehold tight asznee2 månader sedan
  • Does that mean Petey hangs out with Shannon?

    whatis awitchwhatis awitch2 månader sedan
  • Petey did what half the kids do at school recitals

    Jason Chow Vancouver Real EstateJason Chow Vancouver Real Estate2 månader sedan
  • Lol this is awesome

    TylerMcKnight1994 gamingTylerMcKnight1994 gaming2 månader sedan
  • he looks so uncomfortable i can’t lmaooooo

    Charley RickertCharley Rickert2 månader sedan
  • Michael Bublé's got a beautiful voice. Petey was so nervous lol

    NHL VANNHL VAN2 månader sedan
  • Where is THG though?? 😉

    Jonny NerotJonny Nerot2 månader sedan
  • Look how confused Petey looks 😭😂

    LandonHockeyLandonHockey2 månader sedan

    Nicholas LouieNicholas Louie2 månader sedan
  • When the Buubs dropped that Messier dig I was murder with laughter ^_^

    BattleModeBainbridgeBattleModeBainbridge2 månader sedan
  • Like Messier! 🤣

    Carson LougheedCarson Lougheed2 månader sedan
  • Petey is so shy and embarrassed its adorable

    Annie WuAnnie Wu2 månader sedan
  • Throwing shade at Messier is just perfect May everyone have happy a happy holidays and we all agree "Bleep Messier." Love to you all!

    Gamepass GuysGamepass Guys2 månader sedan
  • Well that went about as well as can be expected lmao

    CallaLily2818CallaLily28182 månader sedan
  • FIN with the social distanced wrapped hockey stick xD

    DAJGEEDAJGEE2 månader sedan
  • Even Pettersson likes the skate jersey the most!

    rawr!! 🚀rawr!! 🚀2 månader sedan
  • God this is fantastically awkward 😂

    richard buirichard bui2 månader sedan
  • Very epic

    Tyson CockellTyson Cockell2 månader sedan
  • ...Names like "Messier!"

    msantomsanto2 månader sedan
  • Like Messier

    MontyBurns21MontyBurns212 månader sedan
  • Petey Clearly have no idea of any of these songs considering he’s from Sweden lmao funny video

    The Botch GuyThe Botch Guy2 månader sedan
    • These songs are big in sweden too

      viktor rogestamviktor rogestamMånad sedan
  • Petey just stood there the whole time

    Salty jrSalty jr2 månader sedan
    • Commited to giving

      WajnerWajner2 månader sedan
  • This is elite youtube content

    Brad ThomasBrad Thomas2 månader sedan
  • Wow Got talents

    Finjamin 82Finjamin 822 månader sedan
  • This is the most awkward video ever

    Gurjant SinghGurjant Singh2 månader sedan
    • Cutest video though

      Justin CurranJustin Curran2 månader sedan
  • This was so cute even if he didn't sing

    Justin CurranJustin Curran2 månader sedan
    • Justin Curran I get it... Cam Neely was a boston bruins player in the 90s and he is from Vancouver... You would have liked him if you were alive then

      Andy WarriorAndy Warrior2 månader sedan
    • @Andy Warrior no lol I'm 16. I've been a hockey fan since 2013 and always had a thing for the Canucks because I liked the Sedins. My favorite hockey youtuber, The Hockey Guy, is also a Canucks fan and I became a bigger fan through him. And then they drafted Brock, Petey, Quinn, and that was the icing on the cake that made me fall in love with the Canucks. I'm aware of what happened in 2011, but I wasn't a fan back then so I didnt get to witness that, even if I did I'd probably still like both teams tho tbh LOL

      Justin CurranJustin Curran2 månader sedan
    • @Andy Warrior nah dude Marko Sturm hahahah

      BattleModeBainbridgeBattleModeBainbridge2 månader sedan
    • BattleModeBainbridge I guess is favorite player all time is Cam Neely... 😂

      Andy WarriorAndy Warrior2 månader sedan
    • @Andy Warrior I still can't comprehend :P

      BattleModeBainbridgeBattleModeBainbridge2 månader sedan
  • i didn't know i needed this

    Flowmasta FlamFlowmasta Flam2 månader sedan
  • GOD JUL!

    tsinttsint2 månader sedan
    • GOD JUL🥰🥰🥰

      Justin CurranJustin Curran2 månader sedan
    • GOD JUL!

      WajnerWajner2 månader sedan
  • Petey doesn't know caroling. Not a thing in Sweden.

    GUTOMGUTOM2 månader sedan
  • Petey owes the kids another singing session.... maybe through his instagram? lol

    Andrew YoonAndrew Yoon2 månader sedan
  • Like Messier 😂😂😂😂

    Will H.SWill H.S2 månader sedan
  • Like Messier hahahhahahahahah

    Ryan LRyan L2 månader sedan
  • This is awesome. Such nice guys.

    King Erik the greatest. Of all.King Erik the greatest. Of all.2 månader sedan
  • Yay

    John CastroJohn Castro2 månader sedan
  • The crossover we didn't know we needed

    Arlo FleenorArlo Fleenor2 månader sedan
  • I can’t wait

    Maverick91 HockeyMaverick91 Hockey2 månader sedan
  • I love this

    Ball HockeyBall Hockey2 månader sedan

    Justin CurranJustin Curran2 månader sedan
  • We almost there

    Ben ChandlerBen Chandler2 månader sedan
  • Oh.my.god.

    Saniya HayatSaniya Hayat2 månader sedan
  • This COVID stuff gets stranger and stranger.

    Steve LoweSteve Lowe2 månader sedan
  • BRE

    Levi DeanLevi Dean2 månader sedan
  • Hyped

    Solo PineSolo Pine2 månader sedan
  • WTF he sings as well???! Forward, goalie, juggler, pro at unicycle, awesome gamer. What else have I missed????

    RexuzRexuz2 månader sedan
    • @Rexuz I wonder if he can dunk too

      ZacZacMånad sedan
    • @VHL Guy Knew I forgot something!

      RexuzRexuz2 månader sedan
    • Expert 3-point shooter

      VHL GuyVHL Guy2 månader sedan
    • What, you didn't expect that from an alien.

      irtwiaosirtwiaos2 månader sedan
  • I live a block away from micheal bublé

    Gavin SchweitzerGavin Schweitzer2 månader sedan
  • sjaunduwbxsibsbeje💀💀💀💀💀

    Charley RickertCharley Rickert2 månader sedan
  • Omfg...

    huggybeqrhuggybeqr2 månader sedan
  • Excuse me what? I am so watching this

    Jessica LinJessica Lin2 månader sedan
  • My friend Michael Buble who shall not be named

    Habs 16Habs 162 månader sedan
    • I think Shannon's buddy Mikey should introduce him to this Petey guy I have a feeling they'd get along

      Travis GreenTravis Green2 månader sedan
    • @Brady he was fin since the guy under fin got fired

      MKGamingMKGaming2 månader sedan
    • My friend Michael Buble who shall remain nameless

      Oops FactoryOops Factory2 månader sedan
    • Oo

      Habs fan HighlightsHabs fan Highlights2 månader sedan
    • Was hoping shannon would make a cameo in this video

      BradyBrady2 månader sedan
  • T-minus 13 hours 53 minutes!!!

    Darroun CuylerDarroun Cuyler2 månader sedan
  • This is all i need 😂

    Canucks Fan21Canucks Fan212 månader sedan

    Emilie MUNTZINGEmilie MUNTZING2 månader sedan
  • Thought I misread the title lol

    Konami CodeKonami Code2 månader sedan
  • My life is about to be complete

    Joey That’sMyNaMeJoey That’sMyNaMe2 månader sedan
  • First

    Danny HuangDanny Huang2 månader sedan
    • @Phatcat 97 i care

      BradyBrady2 månader sedan
    • @Phatcat 97 You

      WajnerWajner2 månader sedan
    • Who cares other that u

      Phatcat 97Phatcat 972 månader sedan