Braden Holtby and His Guitar

So you wanna know how the team passes the time on the road, eh? For Holtby it is hockey practice, followed by band practice. 🎸🎤🎵 Letting loose on the guitar is this netminder’s activity of choice.
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  • Still the coolest player on and off the ice,ppl of all sports admire this guy and it's will deserved.

    Everett KnightEverett Knight7 dagar sedan
  • Go Canucks Go!

    GUTOMGUTOM8 dagar sedan
  • (weird they're filming him play\sing, but never show the audio of it... just some crappy stock sounds of a generic guitar strumming

    ImaFonkyDonkeyDing-dongBOY#0781eImaFonkyDonkeyDing-dongBOY#0781e9 dagar sedan
  • Copyright laws suck! I want to actually hear him play!

    Daniel ArmstrongDaniel Armstrong9 dagar sedan
  • Cool

    Music Loops for PracticeMusic Loops for Practice9 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know the song he's playing?

    Ryan KarlsenRyan Karlsen9 dagar sedan
  • Try playing Katy Perry's " ROAR song in guitar HOLTBY before CLAY IMOO plays it in piano.

  • This guy just seems like a nice dude, glad to have him on our team!

    5 Hole Productions5 Hole Productions10 dagar sedan
  • Gary Clark Jr., nice! I like him too. They should've let us hear him play.

    Robert ThiesenRobert Thiesen10 dagar sedan
  • Focus more on goaltending bro

    inutero10inutero1010 dagar sedan
  • When was in DC I'm girlfriend and I saw him at a Rebelution concert and saw him smoking a double.

    Jose ArenasJose Arenas10 dagar sedan
  • This was cool, but the entire video is about him playing guitar and we don't get a single second of audio of him playing or singing. Kind of a weird choice to go with a random stock song in the background.

    BCandSL62309BCandSL6230910 dagar sedan
  • Another instalment of guitar playing goalies (Lundqvist also plays). Great hobby. Keep it up Braeden :)

    Aneil PAneil P10 dagar sedan
  • Good on ya, kid... Interesting guitar? For lessons, these two guys are Top Shelf..! Stick with it..!

    Capt. Daniel DavidsonCapt. Daniel Davidson10 dagar sedan
  • i feel completely normal about this and not at all on the verge of loosing my damn mind

    Natasha HuttNatasha Hutt10 dagar sedan
    • @Steven Carpenter to be fair i'm pretty sure the 'filler audio' IS him playing. but for sure i was sad not to be able to hear his singing - but i respect his boundaries so ya know, it's all good :)

      Natasha HuttNatasha Hutt5 dagar sedan
    • It'd be nice to hear him play instead of the filler audio

      Steven CarpenterSteven Carpenter5 dagar sedan
  • Jack Johnson back in 06-09 is my childhood

    SureShotSnipez41SureShotSnipez4110 dagar sedan
  • Holtz !!

    Roberto LuongoRoberto Luongo10 dagar sedan
  • What got me was his ring fingers tattoo but no actual wedding ring.

    mark nieuwejaarmark nieuwejaar10 dagar sedan
  • This is cool! Seems like the perfect hobby when you’re always on the road.

    Dylan CDylan C10 dagar sedan
  • 1:43 *CAN HE SING TOO??*

    AzNightmareAzNightmare10 dagar sedan
  • Once the team figures themselves out in front of him he's gonna be an absolute beast

    Saxon O.Saxon O.10 dagar sedan
  • Yo Holtby we should jam in Vancouver sometime when everything blows over!

    AGuitaristBoiAGuitaristBoi10 dagar sedan
  • this is the content we deserve 🙌🏻

    Sarah ThomasSarah Thomas10 dagar sedan
  • Boeser lead singer, Petey and Hughes with a banjo and bass, Holtz with the geeetarr. We got the makings of a hit band right there.

    JBJB10 dagar sedan
    • @James Oxales Bo on drums

      VHL GuyVHL Guy10 dagar sedan
    • Huggy on the mic like Michael Cera singing for those coke heads in Superbad

      Billy TessioBilly Tessio10 dagar sedan
    • @James Oxales get Loui on spoons lol

      SOC Blackline SafetySOC Blackline Safety10 dagar sedan
    • There's a video of Bo playing drums. It can definitely happen! lol

      James OxalesJames Oxales10 dagar sedan

    devxsdevxs10 dagar sedan
  • Who do you think is better at guitar Holtby or Matt Duchene?

    John DJohn D10 dagar sedan
    • @B Att it’s a hobby their minds shouldn’t always be on hockey or it will get overworked... he said in this video it calms him down and it’s good for him before games.

      dukeduke10 dagar sedan
    • Both should be working on hockey

      B AttB Att10 dagar sedan
  • I'm still buzzed from last night and wake up to this LMAO

    KenanSFSKenanSFS10 dagar sedan
  • PLEASE bring back air Canucks. I want to see the seatmates this year.

    Oscar WostenholmeOscar Wostenholme10 dagar sedan
    • @Oscar Wostenholme oh ya I forgot about the Covid changes they made that kind of sucks . Their such a close team it's so fun to watch.

      Vonda PettyVonda Petty10 dagar sedan
    • Makes sense, maybe they can do rowmates??

      Oscar WostenholmeOscar Wostenholme10 dagar sedan
    • What the other commenter said is accurate. Players don't have seat mates this year due to Covid protocol. I'm sure they can still do a video though.

      B Man55B Man5510 dagar sedan
    • Yes we need a seatmates video.

      Vonda PettyVonda Petty10 dagar sedan
    • Maybe they cant sit next to each others on the plane that's why then cant do one this season

      n00RBERGxn00RBERGx10 dagar sedan
  • Nice🔥

    bIGbOYjAkObbIGbOYjAkOb10 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go Canucks

    Levi HackmannLevi Hackmann10 dagar sedan
  • Don’t give him up to Seattle 😭😭😭

    touchdowns of epicnesstouchdowns of epicness10 dagar sedan
  • First Domingue, and now Holtby: Canucks goalies with a really cool hobby

    AJ YuAJ Yu10 dagar sedan
    • All we need is someone to start baking for us.

      ShermanSherman10 dagar sedan
  • We’re telling you he’s a national treasure

    MegaRed 320MegaRed 32010 dagar sedan
    • He deserves to be on the men's Winter Olympic ice hockey team.

      Blair ThandiBlair Thandi9 dagar sedan
  • Why couldn't you let us hear him play ?

    Sork FeberssonSork Febersson10 dagar sedan
    • He was probably playing copyrighted songs rip

      Tomas DubienskiTomas Dubienski10 dagar sedan
    • Copyright I assume

      Jared JanzenJared Janzen10 dagar sedan
  • Interesting! Awesome content

    Omar ChavezOmar Chavez10 dagar sedan
  • Thats pretty sweet braden!

    Costa rican SportsfanCosta rican Sportsfan10 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Daud HammadDaud Hammad10 dagar sedan
  • Braden did sooooo well last night

    BoquaaBoquaa10 dagar sedan
    • Plus his team helped him this time scoring 5 goals.

      Blair ThandiBlair Thandi9 dagar sedan
  • No mention of when Holtby started playing. I picked up the guitar for the first time in early December, a little over 2 months, used it to kill time during quarantine and fell in love, already know a few songs, would highly recommend if you're a music lover like me.

    Vivid DanglesVivid Dangles10 dagar sedan
    • He said in this video he started when he was playing jr hockey.

      wheelinkenwheelinken10 dagar sedan
  • I will miss you on the capitals we really need you Braden

    • @Costa rican Sportsfan Ikr

      AMEELA MALIKAMEELA MALIK10 dagar sedan
    • @Roberto Luongo No I don’t ovechkin won’t be taken he’ll retire

      AMEELA MALIKAMEELA MALIK10 dagar sedan
    • @Costa rican Sportsfan welcome for?

      AMEELA MALIKAMEELA MALIK10 dagar sedan
    • @Roberto Luongo LUUUU

      Costa rican SportsfanCosta rican Sportsfan10 dagar sedan
    • nah, you need to sign ovechkin

      Roberto LuongoRoberto Luongo10 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go holts

    Blue HockeyBlue Hockey10 dagar sedan
  • Holts

    mrgsmrgs10 dagar sedan
  • First like n comment ❤️

    Keira TrudgianKeira Trudgian10 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    Wizard EditzWizard Editz10 dagar sedan
  • Canucks played so good last night!

    Landon PueLandon Pue10 dagar sedan
    • Thank you Landon Pue

      William RistevskiWilliam Ristevski10 dagar sedan
    • @William Ristevski your not wrong Leafs are popping off right now

      Landon PueLandon Pue10 dagar sedan
    • GO LEAFS GO BOO Vancouver Canucks ok the leafs are the best team in wins in the NHL SO GO LEAFS GO you got it

      William RistevskiWilliam Ristevski10 dagar sedan
    • I hope you’re joking 😂 we suck 90% of the time, calm down.

      SkySky10 dagar sedan
  • Legend

    • @OOOFMEN TidBit 5-1 🤡

    • To lit 🔥

      Canucks Fan21Canucks Fan2110 dagar sedan