Tyler Motte Rising to the Occasion

Opportunity knocked and Tyler Motte answered. Motte scored two goals in Game 5 against the St. Louis Blues, including one being shorthanded and the other being the game-winner.
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  • Love watching Motte, this guy plays with a lot of heart. He's working so hard to keep us in these games and it's so fun to watch.

    Richard WhiteRichard White5 månader sedan
  • What an endorsement from the best beast player in your team in elias pettersson , the other guys just followed suit with a40 blocked shots when it mattered . This is a team like no other. It's here to change the game and the hockey culture . I do believe this is Petey leadership and the team just bought in these revolution. Its not about money with petey to begin

    tukho bobtukho bob6 månader sedan
  • to be honest motte is one of the reasons we are where we are right now

    theo jtheo j6 månader sedan
  • Great looking goals and great looking player up and coming star and he looks great in that jersey.🍻🍻🍻GO CANUCKS 🍻🍻🍻🍻

    Nathan SticeNathan Stice6 månader sedan
  • This is our year boys!

    get Smartyget Smarty6 månader sedan

    Natasha HuttNatasha Hutt6 månader sedan
  • Definitely the real Unsung Hero (sorry JT) 💙💚

    nuckgirl16nuckgirl166 månader sedan
  • The one dislike is Jake Allen

    Haydar HamadHaydar Hamad6 månader sedan
  • The trainer at 1:21, praying that he scores is pretty classic.

    Gravy DaveGravy Dave6 månader sedan
  • I think of apple juice everything I see motte

    touchdowns of epicnesstouchdowns of epicness6 månader sedan
  • Canucks are amazing Rebuild is going well it seems.

    Brandon FletcherBrandon Fletcher6 månader sedan
  • The guy is so tenacious it's unreal. He outworks everyone on the ice, every single game. I have nothing but respect for Motte. One of those rare players that just puts his head down and goes to work, killing penalties, battling in the corners, blocking shots and just generally doing all the dirty work that doesn't receive any glory, but is absolutely essential, especially in the playoffs. He rarely coughs up the puck or makes a bad play, and he never gives up on anything. He is an exceptionally intelligent player, especially from a defensive perspective, and he has a surprising amount of skill (as demonstrated by his two casual breakaway finishes last night). So great to see a passionate heart and soul guy like Motte score a couple of huge goals for the nucks last night.

    Zac MeadowsZac Meadows6 månader sedan
  • One of the best penalty killers in the league. He’s played great not just game 5, but every game. The Canucks are lucky to have him.

    Mike SplattMike Splatt6 månader sedan
  • Motte should be in the Top Line this series, he knows where to shoot on Allen, and not only that he saved the last seconds in the 3rd Period, if you didn't see that, then you wouldn't notice him at all....

    david mdavid m6 månader sedan
    • Better him than Loui on the first line

      wolfpacindahouse1wolfpacindahouse16 månader sedan
    • No.. the best worker doesn’t make the best leader. He does his job really good but why take that away top six have been scoring the problem is the third and forth line Motte and Jake answered the call last game let’s hope they do it again.

      Melisa GustafssonMelisa Gustafsson6 månader sedan
  • What a beast

    A RA R6 månader sedan
  • Let’s get to 100,000 subscribers on Vancouver Canucks.

    ExtrasExtras6 månader sedan
  • most underrated player EVER

    theyluvfishertheyluvfisher6 månader sedan
  • That performance will live forever in Canucks lore.

    Chris LundChris Lund6 månader sedan
  • Key player to our penalty killing too, been a beast on the PK for us!

    Michael NguyenMichael Nguyen6 månader sedan
  • He has been absolutely flying this series especially in game 4 and I was thinking he really deserves a goal. So stoked to see him get a double. Go Nucks!

    ObiWanJabroniObiWanJabroni6 månader sedan
  • The new Hansen?

    VanCityCanuckVanCityCanuck6 månader sedan
  • Remember when the Canucks had to make a choice between Leipsik and Motte.... I'd say the right decision was made

    Red RedmonRed Redmon6 månader sedan
  • Analytics people can pound sand. Motte is all heart out there. And no analytics can measure heart.

    Red RedmonRed Redmon6 månader sedan
  • Motte is one of our best players. All season long. 110% effort all the time

    Corey McewenCorey Mcewen6 månader sedan
  • Motte reminds me of Burrows early in his career. All effort and huge on the PK. Then in playoffs he elevates his game and finds ways to get on the scoresheet with his effort. Love that Green has kept him in the lineup

    Travis GuayTravis Guay6 månader sedan
  • I'm absolutely loving this team, great group of guys

  • This video hit me right in the feels. GO CANUCKS GO

    K WrightK Wright6 månader sedan
  • Give this guy an extension alrdy! He deserves a lil term on his next deal

    CheezatinoCheezatino6 månader sedan
  • Canucks gotta have a lotta more motte

    Ely PevetsEly Pevets6 månader sedan
  • I've always known Motter was a grinder, works damn hard every time he's out there and doesn't get enough credit so seeing him pocket 2 beauties in Game 5 was special.

    Andrew NguyenAndrew Nguyen6 månader sedan
  • If this were a few years ago, he'd be on the first or second line haha

    Munk0Munk06 månader sedan
  • Good thing Pietrangelo isn't a good soccer player....just missed kicking the puck away. Great for us though, outstanding move by Motter.😁👏👏👏

    pwc1021pwc10216 månader sedan
  • Motter deserved the spotlight last night. Just like Tanev scoring the qualifier clincher. These guys aren’t flashy, but they give you everything they have every shift. Well deserved, Motter!!!!!

    gocanuckurselfgocanuckurself6 månader sedan
  • Tyler Motte’s Apple Sauce

    Mark SteensonMark Steenson6 månader sedan
  • Bo won us the first 2 and motte is gonna win us the last 2

    Joao RenatoJoao Renato6 månader sedan
    • @Beau Wallbridge Hell yeah!!!! What a great performance from him and the rest of the team

      Joao RenatoJoao Renato6 månader sedan
    • Hey, you weren't wrong!

      Beau WallbridgeBeau Wallbridge6 månader sedan
  • Motty's getting a pay raise

    Chris DelaneyChris Delaney6 månader sedan
  • hey Canucks media team, there is a setting in Zoom that allows you to "Send Original Sound" which should improve your audio quality

    BrianBrian6 månader sedan
  • The key prize in the Thomas Vanek trade!

    PuthSardaraDhaPuthSardaraDha6 månader sedan
    • Yo so true man

      Farwan KhojikFarwan Khojik6 månader sedan
    • Low key great trade by Benning

      gocanuckurselfgocanuckurself6 månader sedan

    Roberto LuongoRoberto Luongo6 månader sedan
  • That fourth line needs to be called *Mottley Crew*

    Billy TessioBilly Tessio6 månader sedan
  • I like Tyler Motte since his first appear on the team. I'm very happy to see him score two major goals in this playoffs. He deserves a lot.

    Renan F.Renan F.6 månader sedan
  • Mottes a beast he’s been playing with so much energy all year, we need to keep him

    Ash 123Ash 1236 månader sedan
    • Ash 123 - CBJ fan here...Tyler was with CBJ 2017-18....luv the guy...his motor runs at overdrive...all the time...he also won Calder Cup with Columbus’s Cleveland Monsters...hated to see him go...go canucks!

      D BD B6 månader sedan
  • #motterforpresident

    Sameer JafferSameer Jaffer6 månader sedan
  • Great trade.

    Chief, Toke A BowlChief, Toke A Bowl6 månader sedan
  • To quote the Prophet of Truth: "There are those who said this day would never come. What are they to say now?"

    BlinciBlinci6 månader sedan
    • "I told you!"

      DlongrsDlongrs6 månader sedan
  • Motter playing outta his mind all series. Not just last game.

    JeremyCuddlesJeremyCuddles6 månader sedan
  • Tyler Motte won the game for us it was a series changer for us

    claymationtalesclaymationtales6 månader sedan
    • Wun*

      MaxelWong|VoiceActorMaxelWong|VoiceActor6 månader sedan
    • Mr Beafy Wan*

      Jay BlakeJay Blake6 månader sedan
    • Won*

      Mr BeafyMr Beafy6 månader sedan
  • First

    Hockey BudHockey Bud6 månader sedan
    • Beast

      gocanuckurselfgocanuckurself6 månader sedan