Vegas Series and Bubble Recap - Behind the Scenes

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Go behind-the-scenes for the #Canucks third series in the bubble as they face the Vegas Golden Knights.
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  • Travis green a great canucks coach lik alan veinough

    Ashnit PrasadAshnit Prasad4 dagar sedan
  • Depression builds up while watching this

    Hillbilly Boxing FightsHillbilly Boxing Fights14 dagar sedan
  • Was great apart from the virtue signalling, but I presume you were forced to include it

    D HawkD HawkMånad sedan
  • super proud of Thatcher Demko !!! 😎

    Mike DemkoMike DemkoMånad sedan
  • When Vegas beat Vancouver 3-0 I was awake for the whole game until the 3rd

    DMG SpeedDMG SpeedMånad sedan
  • Hi from Sweden

    Peter The LargePeter The Large3 månader sedan
  • Hahaha elder only has that many blocked shots because he screens his own goalie instead of giving him space by pushing away the guy trying to screen

    noobyynoobyy3 månader sedan
  • canucks are so sick hughes pete bo, boeser, virt. and now schmidt eddy and myers

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj4 månader sedan
  • Already feels like Quinner has solidly been a Canuck forever. Can't wait to see what next season brings!

    AJ YuAJ Yu5 månader sedan
  • This is the team that will win us our first Stanley cup very soon! This team is really special

    ApexApex5 månader sedan
  • Now that the Knights are out, I think I'm finally ready to watch this.

    ajboltajbolt5 månader sedan
  • this video,,, truly beautiful. i bawled like a baby. thank you canucks, it was an absolute honour to have watched you guys play

    Rae PhangRae Phang5 månader sedan
  • Ok I went from a Vegas fan last year and even this year until I started watching your guy’s SEslow. Massive respect for you guys as a team you just gained a new fan.

    CadeCade5 månader sedan
  • “Millsy how are you against Karlsson?” “I’m pretty good against everybody”

    Alex ThompsonAlex Thompson5 månader sedan
  • The Canucks have the best SEslow and the Canes have the best Twitter

    Luka SelestrinLuka Selestrin5 månader sedan
  • Game 7 was anybody's game....Puck first goal would have had us playing Dallas.....good run Canucks !

    Truth Filter For YouTubeTruth Filter For YouTube5 månader sedan

    Mulder ScullyMulder Scully5 månader sedan
  • *You have to wonder in hindsight, knowing what Demko was capable of, if Green put Demko in for the back-to-back game, Vancouver had a good chance to win game 4. Markstrom was playing hurt or extremely fatigued that game. The outcome of the series could have looked very different.*

    AzNightmareAzNightmare5 månader sedan
  • From a Vegas fan You guys sucked

    Unwntd GahUnwntd Gah5 månader sedan
    • Unwntd Gah Vagas is out, You suck

      comicozy87comicozy875 månader sedan
  • Mad respect to these guys! Man, what these guys could've done if they got through that game 7. I'm not disappointed but just imagining if they managed to win it! Thanks for the ride Canucks!!!

    Vince ZenarosaVince Zenarosa5 månader sedan
  • 1:50 Jake’s so happy 🥺

    F WF W5 månader sedan
  • Petey's look at 26:59...

    suddendeathTVsuddendeathTV5 månader sedan
  • These boys exceeded expectations, couldn’t be more proud of what they accomplished. Weren’t even expected to make the playoffs yet we managed to knock off Minny, and the defending Stanley Cup Champions AND force game game 7 with Vegas #TheFutureIsBright

    Quattro CatsQuattro Cats5 månader sedan
  • I've been watching the canucks for over 30 years and I've never seen them get their asses kicked like they did in this series

    3girlrhumba3girlrhumba5 månader sedan
  • This group should be really proud. Put the league on notice - Canucks will be dangerous next year

  • Im still proud as hell of these guys. Sure I would have loved to see them move on but this was a great learning experience for them and I look forward to next season.

    KillerSniper55KillerSniper555 månader sedan
  • Whoever edited this deserves a raise. I started tearing up during that last sequence. Starting at 26:11 to the end, just beautifully edited, well done.

    GabeGabe5 månader sedan
    • same

      julia bergjulia berg29 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for such a great season!!!

    HXB 911HXB 9115 månader sedan
  • SO DAMN PROUD OF THESE BOYS!!!!!!!! Had so much fun watching this group upset teams this summer, but honestly I'm kinda happy they didn't go further, what's the point when you don't have any fans there to cheer you on. NHL's bullshit scheduling was stupid as well.

    gmodmagicgmodmagic5 månader sedan
  • win or lose. canucks will always be my team ✔

    EET FUKEET FUK5 månader sedan

    RaazRaaz5 månader sedan
  • i didn't want this year to end.. team was looking so good

    Stevo CanuckStevo Canuck5 månader sedan
  • Seeing Ryan Reeves get tilted is almost as good a feeling as watching Brad Marchand get decked

    DanDan5 månader sedan
  • Outstanding coverage thank you so much to the media team for being away from your families to bring us this amazing content. I’m super proud of the team and I can’t wait for next season. Go Canucks go!

    Nick The GoalieNick The Goalie5 månader sedan
  • 26:24 Who was that who slapped Petey in the face?

    PetterHughesPetterHughes5 månader sedan
    • Ferland I think

      Cold HCMCold HCM5 månader sedan
  • Thank you to the boys for playing so hard this year. You guys made Vancouver proud.

    Philip KwongPhilip Kwong5 månader sedan
  • so proud of the boys :)

    Levi GreenLevi Green5 månader sedan
  • nah we 3 years away to be legit contender. vegas exposed us we got long way to go.

    Don AtelloDon Atello5 månader sedan
    • No other way around. We surprised everyone lol the Canucks did, and Vegas almost got caught lol I think they were like wtf a game 7 how did that fb happen haha

      L CL C5 månader sedan
  • Yo did this dude Roussel really just bring a Pork Chop into the dressing room for the read? 🐐😂😂

    Derek KwanDerek Kwan5 månader sedan
  • The future is definitely bright, it's blinding!!! So proud of the boys!!!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!

    Elmee BaterinaElmee Baterina5 månader sedan
  • Jets fan came back to a nucks fan

    boomboomtheman11boomboomtheman115 månader sedan
  • i’m a blues fan but you gotta respect these guys and this team

    Keegan LewisKeegan Lewis5 månader sedan
    • No grudge against the blues. I'm still grateful to you guys for sticking it to the Bruins last year.

      AJ YuAJ Yu5 månader sedan
    • @AzNightmare true lol

      CanucksFanBoyCanucksFanBoy5 månader sedan
    • @CanucksFanBoy *He is if you only take 3 shots on him the whole game...*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare5 månader sedan
    • @AzNightmare nah lehner is not that good

      CanucksFanBoyCanucksFanBoy5 månader sedan
    • It really seems like they like each other

      thunder5843thunder58435 månader sedan
  • hard fought series fellas. we'll get em next year!!!!!!

    CarsonCarson5 månader sedan
  • Man who was cutting onions at the end of the video?

    sasha hartsasha hart5 månader sedan
  • The Canucks announcer do best sounding like ESPN with all the very specific records.

    Aaron YeAaron Ye5 månader sedan
  • Demko was a beast and Canucks have really bright future, this was really great series!!!! Yall gonna kill it in this upcoming season

    DudeisAwesomeDudeisAwesome5 månader sedan
    • Before game 1, this was the only team that truly scared me. Congrats knights. Buy we R coming for ya next season!

      Felipe PinedaFelipe PinedaMånad sedan
    • respect man, hell of a series

      ThisJustinThisJustin5 månader sedan
    • You guys were to good

      Jaskaran CumoJaskaran Cumo5 månader sedan
    • You were awesome vegas

      boomboomtheman11boomboomtheman115 månader sedan
  • Canucks were the first team from Canada I ever saw in 71. my team folded and our new one has an ugly uniform. lol What a great group of players. Have fun and care about each other. That is how the 19 time champion Concord Blue Devils do it. (It's music but it's also a sport.) Proud Bay Area 'Nuck.

    popeye sailorpopeye sailor5 månader sedan
    • Were you a fan of the California Golden Seals?

      Chris LChris L5 månader sedan
  • 4:25 class act by petey

    Chick BowdrieChick Bowdrie5 månader sedan
  • if only Demko had played the entire series

    Julie and TeamJulie and Team5 månader sedan
    • Yeah but if he did, might have been worn out or tiring by game 6 at the latest. Might not have been as sharp as he was in 5,6

      Felipe PinedaFelipe PinedaMånad sedan
  • Sadge

    J HJ H5 månader sedan
  • Time to welcome back the Band Wagon Fans.. might wanna buy a Jersey, I think it's going to be a while..

    Loud UPLoud UP5 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks go

    Boats EASHLBoats EASHL5 månader sedan
  • respect the hell out of the players for taking the two days; meanwhile this official vid won't even use the words 'police brutality' lmao

    Natasha HuttNatasha Hutt5 månader sedan
  • Give a little tough love to the Kraken next season. Show 'em who rules the pacific northwest.

    AJ YuAJ Yu5 månader sedan
    • The Kraken aren’t even in the league next year, the year after

      Drew SchiemanDrew Schieman5 månader sedan
  • Have a tear in my right eye. 😢 I believe that this may take a few battles with the NYR in the Finals, but we'll get there. Hope we can keep both Marky and Demko. Key to success. I think everyone is gonna follow Marky when he signs for less then marketvalue to be able to stay. Everyone in the group sees a ring on the horizon.

    Wiking AnderssonWiking Andersson5 månader sedan
  • Haha Beags “Who’s behind me?”

    Zach PaymyloanZach Paymyloan5 månader sedan
  • 1 shot in a 5 mins power play. The new joke in the league.

    Nick DudNick Dud5 månader sedan
    • Nah the leafs hold that forever

      Dtrain 99Dtrain 995 månader sedan
  • If you go the NHL's stats page right now, half the faces are Canucks (Hughes, Demko):

    September2004September20045 månader sedan
  • as a knights fan i can say i did infact smile because it happend

    VP of the KoolKidsKlubVP of the KoolKidsKlub5 månader sedan
  • it makes me sad to see Demko like that. he makes it look like it was his fault for not saving that Theodore shot. The guy played 3 games in 4 nights and will most definitely have the best GAA and save percentage for the remainder of the playoffs.

    Hughesfan 43Hughesfan 435 månader sedan
    • But that was a beach ball it should have been easy

      touchdowns of epicnesstouchdowns of epicness4 månader sedan
    • Shea is a traitor to BC for knocking us out, I hate him.

      Stevensports04Stevensports045 månader sedan
    • *lol, Stone's reaction during the handshake was priceless.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare5 månader sedan
    • Let’s go demer

      Infinity MjbInfinity Mjb5 månader sedan
    • Nicholas Louie it really shows just how much demko shut VGK down if they needed a shot of that quality to beat him.

      ongon68ongon685 månader sedan
  • make Demko the starter already

    cnucks22cnucks225 månader sedan
  • This really hurt towards the end. I can hardly hold it together, I can't imagine what it is like for them.

    KeeperOLightKeeperOLight5 månader sedan
  • Love this team and coach.

    BoonsquidBoonsquid5 månader sedan
    • Not a big fan of benching 21.

      Wiking AnderssonWiking Andersson5 månader sedan
  • Next year we Scott rd gna be crazy when we win

    Smann 93Smann 935 månader sedan
  • not crying because im sad..crying because im proud.

    Philip ShibataPhilip Shibata5 månader sedan
  • We lost cause we didn't want the * beside our Stanley cup engraving

    JordanJordan5 månader sedan
  • i said it at the beginning of the season. WE WILL MAKE PLAYOFFS. POSSIBLY MAKE IT TO CONFERENCE FINALS. WE ARE STACKED... just need stronger D.

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj5 månader sedan
    • Wiking Andersson trayamkin Thats a great idea

      川上洋介川上洋介5 månader sedan
    • Just don't blame it on Edler or Tanev. I'd really like to see Tryamkin bringing in some more kilos. But who should you cut? And why didn't 21 play game 7? Still pisses me off. He brings grit and determination. When you haven't scored it doesn't matter - change the lineup a bit in 7..

      Wiking AnderssonWiking Andersson5 månader sedan
  • haha "the whistle blew your bench is that way"" the Refs talking to Roussell like a child.

    Brice3333Brice33335 månader sedan
  • Who was a fan when the Canucks were horrible

    Mr FuzyWuzyMr FuzyWuzy5 månader sedan
    • They can not beat ises

      Adam Abdul MuidAdam Abdul Muid20 dagar sedan
    • Been a fan since 07. I knew all of the trades since then, watched most of their winning and losing seasons. Loved the team.

      Health InspectorHealth InspectorMånad sedan
    • I’ve been a canucks fan ever since I was born

      Arman RaiArman RaiMånad sedan
    • @Kasandra Mann ok depressed fan

      Mr FuzyWuzyMr FuzyWuzyMånad sedan
    • The Canucks have always been horrible

      Kasandra MannKasandra MannMånad sedan
  • Toffoli looks like a Throwback. dude looks like a classic goon hockey player. just needs a missing tooth.

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj5 månader sedan
  • Who’s here from Vancouver?

    SKMSKM5 månader sedan
    • Cloverdale

      JOHN ROYJOHN ROY5 månader sedan
    • Burnaby

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ5 månader sedan
    • Guess what, I'm from Niagara Falls Ontario

      HXB 911HXB 9115 månader sedan
    • Me

      Infinity MjbInfinity Mjb5 månader sedan
    • Eslöv :)

      Windows CostumizeWindows Costumize5 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks Go!!

    SKMSKM5 månader sedan
  • We are going to win next year

    All Things AnjanAll Things Anjan5 månader sedan
    • Honestly we have the players. I'd we can get jack Hughes we have a good shot

      QuacklQuacksQuacklQuacks3 månader sedan
    • I feel the same

      Captain CanuckCaptain Canuck5 månader sedan
    • YES

      RaazRaaz5 månader sedan
    • If not next year sometime soon. These guys are special, I can feel it.

      Myles HancockMyles Hancock5 månader sedan
  • We can't win if we spend no time in the offensive zone, but our future is bright

    Saini_19Saini_195 månader sedan
    • Correct!

      HXB 911HXB 9115 månader sedan
    • Exactly

      Mr BeafyMr Beafy5 månader sedan
  • To be honest it was too early for demko to leave

    JacobPlays ASMRJacobPlays ASMR5 månader sedan
    • They pulled the best player on their team.

      OtakuEditsOtakuEdits5 månader sedan
  • U gonna win next year. This year just warm up; don’t worry

    GhastifyGhastify5 månader sedan
    • *If Vancouver can dump useless salaries so they can beef up the D and the bottom 6.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare5 månader sedan
    • just like the hawks.. in 2010. toews and kane were like 3 and 4 years into their careers.

      Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj5 månader sedan