Nils Höglander Scores 1st Career NHL Goal at Oilers (Jan. 13, 2021)

Nils Höglander Scores his first career goal in his NHL debut against the Edmonton Oilers. Höglander (20 years, 24 days) is the fifth youngest player in Canucks history to score in his NHL debut; defenseman Rick Lanz (19 years, 24 days) holds the record, set Oct. 10, 1980.
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  • Not just scored his first NHL goal he got his first beautiful NHL goal🍻🍻🍻 GO CANUCKS🍻🍻🍻

    Nathan SticeNathan SticeMånad sedan
  • Anyone who dislikes it are probably mad oilers fans

    AforAwesomeAforAwesomeMånad sedan
  • Also nice play by Pearson creating that rebound

    EdMcStinkoEdMcStinkoMånad sedan
  • Nice to see Schmidt smiling and hugging hoglander😊

    CanucksFanBoyCanucksFanBoyMånad sedan
  • nice seeing all the boys pumped up for him

    Andy ZhangAndy ZhangMånad sedan

    BattleModeBainbridgeBattleModeBainbridgeMånad sedan
  • I think the Canucks improved this off season really Tanev>Hamonic (I'll take Hamonic)thanks Calgary Smidt>Stecher (I'll take Smidt) Holtby>Markstrom (with the contract and conditions Markstorm wanted I'll take Holtby) Fattenberg>Oljevli (looks like Oljevli is finally ready to jump to NHL and is healthy) Hoglander>Toffili (Toffili was only there to replace Boeser he's back so we save money and get younger) And rumours are Benning is still trying to get a top 6 forward too The Canucks can draft wow so much different then when Gillis was in charge

    Crosby4everCrosby4everMånad sedan
  • Who let the hogs out oink oink

    Rod HensonRod HensonMånad sedan
  • The guy between periods said, "Really Vancouver? Another one?" You know it.

    CheekyBastardENCheekyBastardENMånad sedan
  • Two people missed the like button

    Not Dustin SchatzNot Dustin SchatzMånad sedan
  • He looks good but calder talk after one game guys? Don't bring attention to him haha

    Lorne BeckLorne BeckMånad sedan
    • i mean if he can net ppg in this low game season against all Canadian teams id definitely say that he should be considered. gives me St. Louis and Naslund vibes in terms of size and puck skill

      XGN ArithmusXGN ArithmusMånad sedan
  • 5-3 baybeee!

    Adam SakaraAdam SakaraMånad sedan
  • Will They be a big team

    Kiran BualKiran BualMånad sedan
    • I think canucks are going to be a very scary team this yesr

      Dylan TenbrinkeDylan TenbrinkeMånad sedan
  • I watched this live, amazing play.

    BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
  • the comment at the 2nd intermission was golden. "another one Vancouver, really?"

    Infinity238Infinity238Månad sedan
    • I thought it was corny and lame personally

      BattleModeBainbridgeBattleModeBainbridgeMånad sedan
  • There can be only one... first. Highlander strikes.

    Robert SagestRobert SagestMånad sedan
  • Highlander is gonna be great for the Canucks !!!

    Kristoffer PetterssonKristoffer PetterssonMånad sedan
  • Epic!!! Just whait to when he start doing zoro goals

    AXXeYYAXXeYYMånad sedan
  • THE HOG!!

    WatchoDoin'WatchoDoin'Månad sedan
  • It’s time to hand out the sweets!

    Tanner AndersonTanner AndersonMånad sedan
  • Edler like a proud dad.

    NeyBappeNeyBappeMånad sedan
  • Is Nil Hoglander the next burrows?

    Rocky BRocky BMånad sedan
    • His playing style is more of like “brad Marchand”

      ken Ryuken RyuMånad sedan
  • Congratulations from Germany, Niels! Plenty more to come! 👏👏👏

    Erik RobinErik RobinMånad sedan
    • @Jimothy Persson But at the same time he blew the spelling on the first name 😆 He can't be trusted!!

      That Koala EmojiThat Koala EmojiMånad sedan
    • @Jimothy Persson 😂👏😂👏🤪

      Erik RobinErik RobinMånad sedan
    • @Erik Robin I figured that, but the danish and Norwegian letters (ø and æ) aren’t too useful watching the nhl as they both suck at hockey🤣

      Jimothy PerssonJimothy PerssonMånad sedan
    • @Jimothy Persson The Å and Æ are scandinavian letters. As I come from Northern Germany I know them but they're not found in the german alphabet.

      Erik RobinErik RobinMånad sedan
    • @Erik Robin we don’t have any ü in our alphabet except müsli, but everyone knows how to pronounce it. Do you know the Å as well?

      Jimothy PerssonJimothy PerssonMånad sedan
  • and thats norrland power! norrland it is a state in sweden whre he comes from

    Ligon00Ligon00Månad sedan
    • @SAABLinus yea true but he is from norrland Rögle has helped him so much

      Ligon00Ligon00Månad sedan
    • If not for skåne, he wouldnt be as good

      SAABLinusSAABLinusMånad sedan
    • it is not a state, we don't have states.

      omgnuubomgnuubMånad sedan
  • Hopefully Podkolzin joins the team later this year and does as well. Can then move Virtanen and Pearson to the 3rd line and fix our top 9 again after losing a bunch of good forwards for nothing in the offseason. Still don't know about this defense. I like most of them but it needs more fire power. Really going to depend on how much gas Edler has left in the tank.

    Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
    • @Matt Melnyk this already aged like milk. stick to nhl 21.

      Michael NewmanMichael NewmanMånad sedan
    • After this season, team likely moves on from Edler. That will leave Myers as the only vet D. Money could be freed up if Loui walks after this season or the team finds a way to move him since he wont be owed much now. That money would let them get a proper replacement for Edler.

      BlufferBlufferMånad sedan
    • @Matt Melnyk TF you talking about??? I never said it wasn't "pretty good." I said it isn't great and that it's our weaker part. Which is the case. Hughes is elite. Schmidt is a good 3rd D. Other than that, it's weaker than other teams. Edler is getting worse and Myers isn't very good. Good enough if the forwards do their job, but they won't be able to all the time every game, same with the goalies. That's all I was saying. That our older D needs to step it up. @CanucksFanBoy Yes, everyone knows this. You're acting like he can't do this on the 3rd line as well... He's a 3rd liner on a real Cup contender and we need more depth in our bottom 6. Roussel can also technically be an alright 3rd liner, yes, but just like Pearson, he's a 4th liner on an actual deep playoff contender team. Pearson - Gaudette - Virtanen wasn't the best in the playoffs last year but that's an excellent 3rd line on paper. They just need to play more with each other to build chemistry.

      Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
    • Virtanen yes but Pearson is pretty good at penalty shots and assisting and scores sometimes

      CanucksFanBoyCanucksFanBoyMånad sedan
    • @Matt Melnyk - that's right. we had 3/6 defensemen playing their first proper game for Canucks last night, and still held up alright. will only get better from here.

      Debut HunterDebut HunterMånad sedan
  • 2018-Boeser 2019 Pettersson 2020 Hughes 2021 Hoglander

    214andydy214andydyMånad sedan
    • Höglander wont play more then 9 games!

      Daz420Daz420Månad sedan
    • @Malcolm Holmes I was going to say the exact same thing

      floodtechfloodtechMånad sedan
    • Probably a blessing not all of em got calders... It would just pad their resumes and future cap hits

      Malcolm HolmesMalcolm HolmesMånad sedan
    • We are STACKED

      A Stupid TouristA Stupid TouristMånad sedan
    • @Joao Renato and trade. just not sign good free agents.

      Robert SagestRobert SagestMånad sedan
  • Horvat is such a good captain. You see him start to skate towards Hoglander to celebrate before peeling off to get the puck. 👊

    Canuck ClayCanuck ClayMånad sedan
    • Literally the bare minimum lol

      BrandonBrandonMånad sedan
    • Uuuu

      Drum Inc.Drum Inc.Månad sedan
    • I was literally rewatching this to see where he went and then saw him get the puck, what a nice guy.

      Amjad MajeedAmjad MajeedMånad sedan
  • This guys work ethic is insane, so happy he got his first NHL goal.

    Nicholas LouieNicholas LouieMånad sedan

    Lion95Lion95Månad sedan
    • Nope he aint another EP!

      Daz420Daz420Månad sedan
  • Poglander!!

    Michelle MaMichelle MaMånad sedan
  • I still have no clue how he was available in the 2nd round. They probably don't want to break up the chemistry after this game, but I wouldn't mind seeing him and Virtanen swap lines.

    Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
    • @EdMcStinko He showed flashes of what he could be last year but calling him extremely good at anything is a stretch

      Drei AyanamiDrei AyanamiMånad sedan
    • Virtanen was an extremely good, versatile depth guy last season, I pray he keeps doing the same thing

      EdMcStinkoEdMcStinkoMånad sedan
    • Probably because he’s small, the guy is built like Marty St. Louis

      Drei AyanamiDrei AyanamiMånad sedan
    • Virtanen can’t wait for the Roxy to open

      A Stupid TouristA Stupid TouristMånad sedan
    • You can't do that, Virtanen is a defensive mess. that trip got a lot of minutes against McDavid and he didn't factor into the scoresheet. Plus, this finally gives Bo a legit linemate and the team now has 2 legit top lines.

      Jason OliverJason OliverMånad sedan
  • Is he getting that assist for the horvat goal or not?

    FishbyFishbyMånad sedan
    • No it was decided he didn't touch the puck, in the zoom-in replay you can see one of the Edmonton players tie him up and it go right by him

      That one CanuckThat one CanuckMånad sedan
  • Finally a top 6 forward that’s not Loui. No offense to that 🐐 but like cmon

    Dylan KoDylan KoMånad sedan
  • Let’s go. I’m feelin it this year

    Adam BlighAdam BlighMånad sedan
    • 2 lost games in 2 played ? Yeah right!

      Daz420Daz420Månad sedan
  • I’m getting a hog lander jersey fs fs

    Dylan KoDylan KoMånad sedan
    • @Dylan Ko In that scenario then yeah 100% buy one.

      Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
    • @Sean Avery I mean you do have a point. However I was already enjoying watching his hockey before he was even playing for us

      Dylan KoDylan KoMånad sedan
    • @Sean Avery thats true but i love hutton so much as a person so i dont regret my purchase 😊

      SukkanoodleSukkanoodleMånad sedan
    • Unless you love him that much as a player and a person I'd recommend waiting just a tad bit. It's not the best to get a rookie jersey right away in case they crash down, don't turn out as well as they think, or get traded. That's what happened with a lot of people who bought Hutton and McCann jerseys.

      Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
  • 4 straight Calder finalists?

    Gio’s 10 inch Black HammerGio’s 10 inch Black HammerMånad sedan
    • Nope Höglander wont even be in the race!

      Daz420Daz420Månad sedan
    • @CanucksFanBoy yes... Boeser was in contention with Barzal., Pettersson won, and Hughes was in contention and should've won. Hoglander's good, I don't know if he's Calder contender good but we'll be sure to find out.

      BlufferBlufferMånad sedan
    • Wait we had 3 straight?

      CanucksFanBoyCanucksFanBoyMånad sedan
    • I doubt its ever happened before.

      Chris LChris LMånad sedan
  • Also pls bring back John and John

    Liam LynchLiam LynchMånad sedan
    • Broadcast teams are not travelling so this year so we’re only going to hear them for the home games.

      Kenny WuKenny WuMånad sedan

    Tirath DhillonTirath DhillonMånad sedan
  • First to his first goal :)

    Liam LynchLiam LynchMånad sedan
  • Nils!!!!!

    Keira TrudgianKeira TrudgianMånad sedan

    Gustav HolmGustav HolmMånad sedan
    • Sverige!

      EdMcStinkoEdMcStinkoMånad sedan