Two Games in Edmonton - Behind the Scenes (Jan. 13/14, 2021)

It's officially wheel, snipe and celly season. Nils Höglander begins his NHL career, while others make their #Canucks debut, as Vancouver opens the season with back-to-back games in Edmonton.
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  • Who else thinks that Hamonic absolutely sucks, and that we shouldn't have got him?

    NHL BrosNHL BrosMånad sedan
  • Make this the most liked comment ever boiis lets make the canucks get the stanley cup

    JK GamingJK GamingMånad sedan
  • Yay

    -GroundShock--GroundShock-Månad sedan
  • Wow look at all the green grass and leaves on the trees in January in Edmonton!

    Nathan OkruskoNathan OkruskoMånad sedan
  • That slow mo shot at 3:50 is really cool

    Ben LBen LMånad sedan
  • Ilya mikheyev

    ethan mclnethan mclnMånad sedan
  • Who’s here from the embarrassment of Calgary vs the team who didn’t show

    Gamerguy329Gamerguy329Månad sedan
  • I love these behind scenes ice level footage. Great stuff Canucks!!!!

    aseltzer22aseltzer22Månad sedan
  • Edmonton don’t look like

    Sara JaySara JayMånad sedan
  • I miss Marky and Tanev, but I'm excited to face them tonight just like they are too

    Holden PengHolden PengMånad sedan
  • I'm excited to see what Hoglander can do this season!

    Holden PengHolden PengMånad sedan
  • I'm really happy with Highlander's performance, I'm excited to see what he can do this season!

    H.P.H.P.Månad sedan
  • I miss Marky and Tanev, it should be exciting to face them tonight

    H.P.H.P.Månad sedan
  • Love this team!!!

    G ModG ModMånad sedan
  • If we beat Calgary people will know not to mess with the Canucks

    Bacon MurderersBacon MurderersMånad sedan
  • Awesome games!!

    TylerMcKnight1994 gamingTylerMcKnight1994 gamingMånad sedan
  • Boys are fired this season

    Nihaal ChawlaNihaal ChawlaMånad sedan
  • Todays games gonna be lit

    Sv LLSv LLMånad sedan
  • the mandatory non-scientific virtue signaling masks are so depressing, what are we doing? great to have hockey back though.

    Hare BrahsHare BrahsMånad sedan
    • @Billy Tessio surgeons wearing masks in the OR is to prevent stuff getting into open the large open wounds they are operating at. that's a little different from wearing mask to prevent spreading of a seasonal respiratory virus, in which it has no scientific backing it works. like buying a crystal from a local psychic name Sharon, which she says will get you closer to the spirit world and your dead relatives.. that also have no scientific backing, why do we mandate that too?

      Hare BrahsHare BrahsMånad sedan
    • @Billy Tessio wearing a mask in the OR is completely different than wearing a mask outside with very few people around. C’mon man!

      roy canuckroy canuckMånad sedan
    • Tell your surgeon not to wear a mask next time you’re in the OR

      Billy TessioBilly TessioMånad sedan
  • What a life these guys are living

    KaninstekKaninstekMånad sedan
  • Tanev may have been "dad", but Nate Schmidt is perfect as that really fun uncle.

    AJ YuAJ YuMånad sedan
    • @Swag Juice I'm going to miss Taney as well, he is one of my favourite Canucks

      H.P.H.P.Månad sedan
    • Swag Juice That's true, I'm going to miss Tanev. He was a warrior for us, a fan fav, and a great locker room guy. Taney would take Hughes, Boeser, and Petey for dinner at his place and he put his body on the line for us and blocked shots every night

      Holden PengHolden PengMånad sedan
    • @Holden Peng Yeah i'm pretty stoked to have Nate too, he's younger and brings a ton of energy with him. He is definitely an upgrade to Tanny skill wise, but a lot of what dad brought to the team was in the locker room and during his personal time. We may have gained in skill, but we also took a loss in heart and camaraderie.

      Swag JuiceSwag JuiceMånad sedan
    • I agree, I miss Tanev but I'm excited to have Nate Schmidt and I'm excited to see what he can do

      Holden PengHolden PengMånad sedan
    • Swag Juice Yeah I miss Tanev too

      Holden PengHolden PengMånad sedan
  • LOL.. we're just gonna ignore the hat trick McDavid scored on you to make you look like an AHL team??

    B XxB XxMånad sedan
    • @G Mod but pitting a blind eye in the video is hilarious lol

      Jason ThompsonJason ThompsonMånad sedan
    • That's just McDavid. Can't stop him when he's on a mission like he was.

      Adam WinellAdam WinellMånad sedan
    • Its mcdavid...he does that to many teams. We beat him once so far.

      G ModG ModMånad sedan
  • Let's go oiiillerrrrs!!!!!!!!!

    Lynn WellsLynn WellsMånad sedan
  • Keep Jake virtanen he's getting better every day

    Edgardo Maldonado acunaEdgardo Maldonado acunaMånad sedan
    • @M TV you really don't know hockey haaaaaaa

      Edgardo Maldonado acunaEdgardo Maldonado acuna15 timmar sedan
    • @Edgardo Maldonado acuna crazy how i was right bud but you were calling me the troll hahahhaabb Hopefully he gets traded asap

      M TVM TV22 timmar sedan
    • @CaptainWedgie you literally don't know hockey

      Edgardo Maldonado acunaEdgardo Maldonado acunaDag sedan
    • @Edgardo Maldonado acuna lol 1 point in 19 games, this is unbelievable ... hehehhehe

      CaptainWedgieCaptainWedgieDag sedan
    • @CaptainWedgie loool

      M TVM TVDag sedan

    Matt LoewenMatt LoewenMånad sedan
  • Let’s go flames

    KimmydimdimKimmydimdimMånad sedan
    • Go away flames suck

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • get the hell outa here

      Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
  • @2:54 I had no idea Petey made such hit! And I love Quinn Hughes, what a warrior!

    Kenneth MakKenneth MakMånad sedan
    • @omgnuub yeah

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • @Boquaa I mean it was a hit, he intended it to be and he made contact so as far as deciding what is considered a hit or not; it was one. It is by far his least sharpened weapon. In Sweden he was a junior playing with older guys in the top league and Petey was not the kind of guy to throw hits left n right, layin people out. Point being that it is not the best of hits, I'll give you that, however I love the fact that it's a tool he's willing to use and get better at. It's not a Kronwall hit but you have to start somewhere if you want to improve.

      omgnuubomgnuubMånad sedan
    • I watched it live but he just fell

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
  • Cmon canucks! We gotta beat Marky!

    Valia SpiliotopulosValia SpiliotopulosMånad sedan
    • well that did'nt happen 3-0

      kingZ BucketskingZ BucketsMånad sedan
    • we can

      Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
  • Let's Beat Calgary Tonight! #GoCanucksGo Your work ethic shines bright!!!!

    Gurfateh BassiGurfateh BassiMånad sedan
    • @Wasabi Well then.

      Tristan RedmanTristan RedmanMånad sedan
    • pain

      WasabiWasabiMånad sedan
    • They're going to come out hard tonight, I know it. Something's big at stake.

      Tristan RedmanTristan RedmanMånad sedan
  • Let’s go boys!!

    Ayushi PatilAyushi PatilMånad sedan
  • Are we gonna ignore mr wolverine Hughes himself breaking his stick over nugent-hopkins????

    Dig_BaddyDig_BaddyMånad sedan
    • Yes we will

      Real TrashReal TrashMånad sedan
    • nugent hopkins is a fkn plug, good on hughsey

      Julie and TeamJulie and TeamMånad sedan
    • @Kyle Kuhling they’re never going to call that when we already have a PP. if it’s gonna make it 5 on 3 it has to be on an obstruction that stops a scoring chance.

      roy canuckroy canuckMånad sedan
    • @roy canuck Tbh tho, I think the elbow on Boeser definitely should’ve been called. That’s why Hughes retaliated. Just sticking up for he teammate.

      Kyle KuhlingKyle KuhlingMånad sedan
    • @roy canuck I didnt realise it was a penalty tbh just thought it was funny

      Dig_BaddyDig_BaddyMånad sedan
  • how do you think it will go playing against markstrom?

    Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
    • Valia Spiliotopulos I miss him too, it should be exciting to face him tonight

      H.P.H.P.Månad sedan
    • @rocketman but i like 4-0 better

      Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
    • as long as the canucks shut them out five nothing in both games well be fine

      rocketmanrocketmanMånad sedan
    • @Valia Spiliotopulos pft i dont

      Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
    • @Valia Spiliotopulos same

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
  • Excited for the game tonight... Hopefully they remember Markstroms weak spots!!

    Lil CumLil CumMånad sedan
    • @-GroundShock- yeah 😭

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • Welp we got shut out

      -GroundShock--GroundShock-Månad sedan
    • @Brodeh hes to damn tall

      Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
    • Tight to the post...he leaves a huge hole when hes up against the post

      BrodehBrodehMånad sedan
    • @CARL HSIN YUEH LO "rember his weaknesses" umm just shoot at the net, itll work

      Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
  • Go Canucks Go! Let’s Sweep The Calgary Canucks!

    TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
    • @kingZ Buckets yeah lol

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • @Boquaa lol you guys got swept instead

      kingZ BucketskingZ BucketsMånad sedan
    • Yaas calgary canucks

      Valia SpiliotopulosValia SpiliotopulosMånad sedan
    • @TheCanucky217 yes

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • @Boquaa yes the Calgary Canucks (Cause they stole our players)

      TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
  • Hoglander is playing VERY well, I’m excited about him and this season! 🇨🇦

    BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • Me too

      Holden PengHolden PengMånad sedan
    • Ikr

      Valia SpiliotopulosValia SpiliotopulosMånad sedan
  • No snow in Edmonton? wtf

    BrandonBrandonMånad sedan
    • It was not green at all this winter in Edmonton. We just haven't had as much snow or cold weather as usual. It's been an excellent winter for outdoor activity.

      othaVadaothaVadaMånad sedan
    • LoL there is no way that's a current picture of Edmonton. LoL

      Cory EbelingCory EbelingMånad sedan
    • It's been warm here almost all winter, today its sunny and hot out I had to open my windows.

      Smug CanadianSmug CanadianMånad sedan
    • @Ravi S im not in edmonton, im just about an hour west but i ment in general, we havent had a dump of snow since november

      Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
    • @Manuel Elliott "December 18th was the last time we had snow, but it was more or less just a sprinkle. I like how everything is lush and green here", he said as he wandered about the Muttart Conservatory.

      Ravi SRavi SMånad sedan
  • Canucks is the best!!!

    Azhar YouTubeAzhar YouTubeMånad sedan
  • Love you guys

    Bean EdwardBean EdwardMånad sedan