Canucks Dethrone Champions - Behind the Scenes

To be the best, you have to beat the best... and the #Canucks did just that. Go behind-the-scenes as Vancouver eliminates the St. Louis Blues during the first round of the NHL Playoffs.
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  • we lost 3 pieces. but added 3 more better pieces. lets the cup boys

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj9 dagar sedan
  • All the teams played different than 2019, many teams had lost a lot of momentum with such a long time off. I'm not surprised the Canucks won, they stayed strong when others weren't

    Home Run PostHome Run Post11 dagar sedan
  • Tanner Pearson “ Good f**king pass kid”

    Hockey Guy BHockey Guy B14 dagar sedan
  • Miss this team:( I just realized how much better this team performed and played than this year

    Hillbilly Boxing FightsHillbilly Boxing Fights16 dagar sedan
  • whos watching this as the canucks are 2-5 on the season in 2021 :(

    Jakob GiesJakob GiesMånad sedan
    • Now they’re 6-11 on a 6 game losing streak😓

      Hillbilly Boxing FightsHillbilly Boxing Fights16 dagar sedan
  • love this team, WOOOOO , and Tanner

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj2 månader sedan
  • It's too bad that neither of my favorite teams the Canucks and the Bruins won the cup, but it fills me with joy to see the Canucks beat the Blues who ruined everything for the Bruins. I hope that either Boston or Vancouver wins the upcoming season, but my biggest hope is for the virus to end and for everyone to not have to live in fear and play in a bubble.

    Ben MitchnerBen Mitchner2 månader sedan
    • Rent free

      David CarlsonDavid Carlson15 dagar sedan
  • can't wait until covid is over, then i will travel to a Canucks game all the way from Iceland! what a team!

    AronHallFPVAronHallFPV3 månader sedan
  • Mistake St. Louis put binnington in jake Allen was doing good go Canucks go

    noobyynoobyy3 månader sedan
    • Yeah lol

      David CarlsonDavid Carlson15 dagar sedan
  • I will keep cheering on stetcher

    Michael CasimerMichael Casimer4 månader sedan
  • 21:15 Motte smokin that gud gud. bloodshot eyes olol

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj4 månader sedan
  • Boo canucks I hate you Jacob marmstrom

    Joe KrausJoe Kraus4 månader sedan
  • too proud of this team . im gettin some blue and green ink!

    Roberto LuongoRoberto Luongo5 månader sedan
  • W

    CrowtixCrowtix5 månader sedan
  • Well when you put it that way, I've got shivers! What a year, and what an exciting team.

    j chanj chan5 månader sedan
  • 19:55 Name of the song?

    elias söderstedtelias söderstedt5 månader sedan
  • Where can I watch uncensored version please?

    alytonnalytonn5 månader sedan
  • Lets go to the Conference Finals

    Tobin BraunTobin Braun5 månader sedan
  • I wonder if Blues fans consider the Canucks "Blues Killers" since we've beat the Blues all 4 times they've played against each other. Honestly, as a Canuck fan, it would weird if any team consider *us* their Achilles heal, let alone the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

    September2004September20046 månader sedan
    • Nah we cool with y’all

      David CarlsonDavid Carlson15 dagar sedan
  • This is truly the team I want to win the Stanley Cup.

    Vonda PettyVonda Petty6 månader sedan
  • lol this was like the best thing ever the Canucks are the best team no competition 😂

    Mason CraggMason Cragg6 månader sedan
  • Anyone else notice that Motte sorta looks like Captain American before transformation at 21:15?

    ObsideonObsideon6 månader sedan
  • Congrats guys. Go get her. - blues fan

    Perpetual StudentPerpetual Student6 månader sedan
  • Bruins fan here. Ik you might still hate us for 2011 but I gotta say the Canucks look great now.

    Leafs SuckLeafs Suck6 månader sedan
  • This video is a surprisingly well-made clip for all canucks fans and is showing how much they are trying hard and how much we love the team. Let’s go canucks, non-stop!

    mik nevahmik nevah6 månader sedan
  • Lets go boys! Bring the cup back to Canada!

    sail jpgsail jpg6 månader sedan
  • These BTS from your video/media team are always so great, so unprecedented and so well put together! Congrats on another milestone Canucks! Looking forward to second round wins!!

    Georgia HarveyGeorgia Harvey6 månader sedan
  • This team isn't just talented, but they're also so damn lovable. Win or lose, I wouldn't want to support any other team.

    Fraser CrawfordFraser Crawford6 månader sedan
  • Pls keep em coming

    Ryan StolzRyan Stolz6 månader sedan
  • Such awesome insight, thanks Canucks. Greener's speech at the end was absolute gold!

    zack hendozack hendo6 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know what the song is called towards the end?

    Kat HongKat Hong6 månader sedan
  • Travis Green: read of the year coming up here Quinn Hughes: ...alright uhhh

    C toyookaC toyooka6 månader sedan
  • Thanks for putting this together .... hardcore fans appreciate it :)

    InternetPersonInternetPerson6 månader sedan
  • 9:03 lol

    Evan BushEvan Bush6 månader sedan
  • Tanev reading the lineup: “His wife can chug a beer faster than him and s**t p**s c**t f**k c********r m**********r t**s”

    jeffnalsjeffnals6 månader sedan
  • Made the playoffs and eliminated the defending champs that's a win in my books. Everything after that is just a bonus.

    Adam RutkowskiAdam Rutkowski6 månader sedan
  • "Combed his hair with a porkchop" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    JC Van DammeJC Van Damme6 månader sedan

    Damion KatcheechDamion Katcheech6 månader sedan
  • Blues are History Canucks took them out lol weee! Blues champs last here not this year 2020

    Debbie SandersonDebbie Sanderson6 månader sedan
  • Would love to know what Huggy said at 7:33. Probably something really sweet like "Get home safe tonight"

    Richard WhiteRichard White6 månader sedan
  • 12:35 "Missile Pete." LOL! Otherwise, this series is BLOODY AWESOME!

    Carpet ClimberCarpet Climber6 månader sedan
  • ever need to cheer yourself up just watch 12:22

    yorobbie 132yorobbie 1326 månader sedan
  • 12:24 Huggy bear bullied 🤣

    OzOuroborosOzOuroboros6 månader sedan
    • OzOuroboros lol

      Ocean TideOcean Tide5 månader sedan
  • Simply perfect!

    Bryan LeungBryan Leung6 månader sedan
  • Markström the goat

    Not MessaNot Messa6 månader sedan
  • GOT 'EM !

    Adam MiskiewiczAdam Miskiewicz6 månader sedan
  • Quinn is always so happy

    Whizz Kidz StudiosWhizz Kidz Studios6 månader sedan
  • Damn I didn’t realized how close each team were to eachother as shown at 8:16. Wondering what the tension might be seeing eachother before and after the game

    Night ShadeNight Shade6 månader sedan
  • Did u notice u got 100 k

    Bacon MurderersBacon Murderers6 månader sedan
  • So proud of this team

    Antonio MontoroAntonio Montoro6 månader sedan
  • Im loving the underdog story with the nucks, let's go!!!

    G MetG Met6 månader sedan
  • Gg blues

    Nelson RenNelson Ren6 månader sedan
  • Love these videos. Huge win tonight! Best of 5 now

    Blue -Blue -6 månader sedan
  • Post game beers! I love this team!

    Stephen MoretonStephen Moreton6 månader sedan
  • Good job I am a blues fan but good job Vancouver try to beat Vegas Vancouver good luck

    aiden Dooleyaiden Dooley6 månader sedan
    • @mojo thanks for the cheering last year I will for sure cheer for them they have good potential to win

      aiden Dooleyaiden Dooley6 månader sedan
    • I cheered my ass off for the Blues last year, I hope you can do the same for my Canucks this year! Respect to the champs! 🏆

      mojomojo6 månader sedan
    • U guy won now ur fighting vegas good luck 👍

      aiden Dooleyaiden Dooley6 månader sedan
    • @Scorzi yeah r u a Vancouver fan cuz good job

      aiden Dooleyaiden Dooley6 månader sedan
    • thanks man, i never knew how good perron was til this series

      ScorziScorzi6 månader sedan
  • As a Blues fan, round 1 was a tough one to watch, especially game 6. That one stung a bit more than the other losses but i'm just glad we were able to at least bring home the cup last year. So it made the elimination not as bad. Much respect to the Canucks, the speed, skill, and goal tending of this team made for a really interesting series. I wish nothing but the best for this team and hope they go all the way. Cheers!

    Colin2656Colin26566 månader sedan
    • Canucks fan here, I cheered on my ass's off for your Blues last year. I hope you can do the same for my Canucks this year. Respect to the champs bro! 🏆

      mojomojo6 månader sedan
    • Canucks fan here, you don’t how hard I cheered the Blues last year, were so happy you guys brought home the cup! Cheers!

      steve hsuehsteve hsueh6 månader sedan
    • Nothing but respect for Blues. You guys are a class team, and well deserved champions. All the best in the future

      comicozy87comicozy876 månader sedan
    • Respect to you! It was a good series regardless. I was rooting for the blues in the cup finals. I wanted you guys to beat Boston and I’m glad you guys did lol

      Nivan SharmaNivan Sharma6 månader sedan
    • wats the song at the 19:40 mark

      ForgetMynameForgetMyname6 månader sedan
  • Keep pushing in this playoffs. Never say we have many chances in the future. This can be our chance to finally win. You never know when the next chance could be.

    WinterAlbieroWinterAlbiero6 månader sedan
  • didn't realize how bloody TALL markstrom was until the handshake line

    AJ YuAJ Yu6 månader sedan
    • @AKsleepygirl Not sure if you can see this clip but Markström is buying a suit in China.

      ErikErik6 månader sedan
    • Most goalies are absolutely huge you just can’t tell because there in butter fly all game

      Jameson 123Jameson 1236 månader sedan
  • Travis Greene is going to be one of the greatest Canucks coaches ever, I’m so proud of our team

    BradleyBradley6 månader sedan
    • number one still torts

      ScorziScorzi6 månader sedan
    • wats the song at the 19:40 mark

      ForgetMynameForgetMyname6 månader sedan
  • what happened to tofoli

    Fluffy_LobstickFluffy_Lobstick6 månader sedan
    • ankle sprain/hairline fracture hasn't been confirmed tho

  • I like Manny Malhotra glad he's still there helping in every way he can.

    Governor x84Governor x846 månader sedan
    • They're saying hes one of the hottest rising talents in the coaching circles. He's getting more and more responsibility with an eye on the head coach job eventually

      NaPaLM ShowNaPaLM Show6 månader sedan
    • Manny is a beauty!

  • Unbleep Tanev The trucker!!

    Jordan WellerJordan Weller6 månader sedan
  • Now let’s go win the cup

    Caleb GordonCaleb Gordon6 månader sedan
  • I love old school hockey, but let's get real, Gretzky never had to deal with 4th line players that could skate and dangle like 15:33 Mott. I think if Petterson or Hughes (or Sid or Ovi) played in the 80s they'd be considered the GOATs too.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis Demitrius6 månader sedan
    • Agreed!

      DudeisAwesomeDudeisAwesome6 månader sedan
  • Awesome documentary. Let’s goooo boysss GAME 2 TONIGHT!

    Matteo VlogsMatteo Vlogs6 månader sedan
  • quit throwin jabs at hughes. he will have all ur jobs one day lol

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj6 månader sedan
  • Anybody else notice the Canucks have had a suspiciously good looking team for many years now?

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis Demitrius6 månader sedan
    • @The Mandalorian *Their core is shaping up nicely with legitimate talent, and they're all young, still growing, and haven't even hit their prime yet. Only good things to come. Petey, Hughes, BoHo, and even Boeser, all still haven't hit prime yet. And although Miller is in his prime now, he just had a career year. If Vancouver can manage to re-sign Toffoli, he's looking pretty legit on the verge of being a late bloomer, like Miller.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare6 månader sedan
    • What do you mean?

      The MandalorianThe Mandalorian6 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks

    Iqbal KaurIqbal Kaur6 månader sedan
  • Vegas in 4!! LOL

    Brandon SitchBrandon Sitch6 månader sedan
    • @Joao Renato nope

      Brandon SitchBrandon Sitch6 månader sedan
    • Found the blues fan

      Joao RenatoJoao Renato6 månader sedan
  • My Canucks baby!

    Bojan GBojan G6 månader sedan
  • Would be so nice to have Toffoli, Myers, Ferland and Leivo back in the lineup. The team has exceeded my expectations though, even if they get swept I am okay with it. They have alot to learn.

    gumbygumby6 månader sedan
  • From a Bruins fan thank you Vancouver for destroying the Blues! Go Canucks!

    Liam StoverLiam Stover6 månader sedan
    • *Gets destroyed by Tampa*

      David CarlsonDavid Carlson15 dagar sedan
  • Pearson has the same reaction to all the goals. 6:14 7:43

    VHL GuyVHL Guy6 månader sedan
  • Awesome video I’d like to see more stuff like this. But when things were getting super dramatic with the music going into game 6 the ad took me right out of the video.

    Nick The GoalieNick The Goalie6 månader sedan
  • Tanner "good f***ing pass kid" Pearson

    Gabriel LybergGabriel Lyberg6 månader sedan
    • @ForgetMyname you & i by knives at sea & rider

      miserymisery2 månader sedan
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      OzOuroborosOzOuroboros6 månader sedan
    • wats the song at the 19:40 mark

      ForgetMynameForgetMyname6 månader sedan
  • its a beautiful thing!!!!

    dillsauce 99dillsauce 996 månader sedan
  • Even if we loose this series agains VGK I’m happy and proud of this Canucks team and this is the first tome in a while I can be proud to be a Canucks fan!

    Lucas FriesenLucas Friesen6 månader sedan
    • I've always been proud to be a Canucks fan. Take the good with the bad, but never waver. That's what a true fan is.

      Jordan LJordan L6 månader sedan
  • I‘m so proud of this team! Gonna beat Vegas in game 2 tonight 💙🏒

    Skinny DazedSkinny Dazed6 månader sedan
  • Anyone else get the chills while watching this We have a bright future Go Canucks Go

    JustHockeyJustHockey6 månader sedan
    • @ForgetMyname Dude, don't spam everybody with the same question over and over, make a new comment and ask your question. Beyond that, it was already answered 13 hours before you posted a single one of your spammed messages. Read the comments, it's there, find it. I'm not going to tell you where after the utter bs you pulled.

      DCdevDCdev6 månader sedan
    • wats the song at the 19:40 mark

      ForgetMynameForgetMyname6 månader sedan
  • Huggy Bear for Calder

    V3HICL3V3HICL36 månader sedan
    • Quinn for Conn Smythe

      JBJB6 månader sedan
  • People who disliked this are blues fans

    Balkaran SpamzBalkaran Spamz6 månader sedan
    • I didn’t dislike it, it was a quality video

      David CarlsonDavid Carlson15 dagar sedan
  • Omg Canucks congrats on 100k!!!

    SiblinxSiblinx6 månader sedan
  • 18:47 That was a long 2 second beep, what did Tanev say? "Chug a beer faster than any ********************************* number 9 JT Miller"

    PetterHughesPetterHughes6 månader sedan
    • “His wife can chug a beer faster than him ************* number 9 JT Miller”

      DahPizzaBoyDahPizzaBoyMånad sedan
    • Idk maybe any god d*mn motherf*cker I've ever f*cking seen

      marky darkymarky darky6 månader sedan
  • 100k subs, lets goo

    Balkaran SpamzBalkaran Spamz6 månader sedan
  • We want the jake petey Miller line

    Matt LoewenMatt Loewen6 månader sedan
    • Annika Cook jakes a beauty

      Matt LoewenMatt Loewen6 månader sedan
  • Haters can say whatever they want but are any of the other Canadian teams watching their team play hockey right now? Oof

    MikeMMikeM6 månader sedan
  • Let's go Nucks Nation!! Vegas be tough but we got this. Nucks in 7!!!

    MaxelWong|VoiceActorMaxelWong|VoiceActor6 månader sedan
  • Hopefully they can put game 1 behind them and tie it up tonight.

    KillerSniper55KillerSniper556 månader sedan
    • Hell yeah we did Maybe we can return the favour

      marky darkymarky darky6 månader sedan
  • i watched every single game even the exbishon and the qualifiers

    Armaan Varma VitugArmaan Varma Vitug6 månader sedan
    • Same

      Balkaran SpamzBalkaran Spamz6 månader sedan
  • My favourite player is tyler motte bo horvat jacob markstrom and tanner pearson

    Armaan Varma VitugArmaan Varma Vitug6 månader sedan
  • now we need to cheer on the canucks v vegas: go canucks go

    William McCarronWilliam McCarron6 månader sedan
  • Even if we get knocked out by Vegas I cannot be upset with the Canucks they've blown my expectations away this season and I'm just so proud of what they've done.

    Tek HardyTek Hardy6 månader sedan
    • @Damo Maher *Well, Markstrom also costs more, so that's why Canucks didn't keep him. Canucks are hoping Demko will become better than Markstrom, while being cheaper and younger. Holtby is just there as backup to mentor Demko.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare4 månader sedan
    • Canucks lost Jakob Markstrom, Chris Tanev and Troy Stecher they did get Holtby but Markstrom a better goaltender

      Damo MaherDamo Maher4 månader sedan
    • Yea

      Real TrashReal Trash5 månader sedan
    • Welp game 7 today we will see

      cringe gamingcringe gaming5 månader sedan
    • *I don't know what to expect anymore. I haven't seen a Canuck team this resilient in my history of watching Canucks, and I've been a fan since 1994.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare6 månader sedan
  • Sure hope a video like this will be made of the Vegas series too, with the same happy ending...

    NHL VANNHL VAN6 månader sedan
    • wats the song at the 19:40 mark

      ForgetMynameForgetMyname6 månader sedan
    • @ela hungry for some love hope they can win tonight 👀

      KeksdoseKeksdose6 månader sedan
    • I hope they get second one

      ela hungry for some loveela hungry for some love6 månader sedan
  • Rooting for you guys to make it far! Ducks fan too btw

    E DiazE Diaz6 månader sedan
  • Haha. At 13'40 when the ref is talking to Marky and marky is telling the ref when a player is doing an illegal act like poking and hitting his gloves and pads after the whistle and the ref is like yeah I see it and I understand your frustrations but I don't want to call a penalty. Like tf

    TntjokoTntjoko6 månader sedan
    • wats the song at the 19:40 mark

      ForgetMynameForgetMyname6 månader sedan
  • Why does it say ”dad” on Marky’s helmet?

    [Insert Name Here][Insert Name Here]6 månader sedan
    • Markstrom stetcher and McEwin lost their dads this year

    • Marky lost his dad to cancer during the season. It's an homage to his father.

      Zych0ticZych0tic6 månader sedan
    • C Arai oohhh

      [Insert Name Here][Insert Name Here]6 månader sedan
    • tribute to his dad who passed away during the regular season

      C AraiC Arai6 månader sedan
  • What a song, time 19:50?

    Alex VoevodinAlex Voevodin6 månader sedan
    • kyokojohnfan Thank

      Alex VoevodinAlex Voevodin6 månader sedan
    • Knives at Sea - You and I

      kyokojohnfankyokojohnfan6 månader sedan
  • Awesome!

    Andy TraslinAndy Traslin6 månader sedan
  • About to get swept by an expansion team

    P SP S6 månader sedan
    • found the blues fan

      Johnny BaxterJohnny Baxter6 månader sedan
    • that "expansion team" made it to the playoff finals in their first season

      Dylan RimmerDylan Rimmer6 månader sedan
  • Perfectly made. That clip of Greener at the end is priceless. It's how we all feel. This season was beyond expectation, and beyond imagination. I still believe in the future, but that future extends well beyond the series with Vegas. Let's get ahead of ourselves. We have PLENTY of good years ahead. Well done Canucks!

    msantomsanto6 månader sedan
    • With our cap situation though we may have an issue though

      Jameson 123Jameson 1235 månader sedan
    • @ForgetMyname Knives At Sea - You And I

      vdublu909vdublu9096 månader sedan
    • wats the song at the 19:40 mark

      ForgetMynameForgetMyname6 månader sedan