Brandon Sutter Scores First Career Hat-Trick (Jan. 25, 2021)

All smiles for Suttsy and his teammates. In his 735th career game, Brandon Sutter nets his first career hat-trick.
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  • They were nasty goals

    Brycen GunnlaugsonBrycen GunnlaugsonMånad sedan
  • You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

    BrewBrewMånad sedan
  • i think he deserves 8x8

    Bret MorinBret MorinMånad sedan
  • In the third goal, you could see in his hustle that he wanted that hatty

    jason12468jason12468Månad sedan
  • Canucks need to push hard next game. Sens gonna come at them hard for the embarrassing loss.

    JaySharp604JaySharp604Månad sedan
  • Gd for the whimpiest sutter

    Terry McleanTerry McleanMånad sedan
  • It's his contract year no ?

    PrettyChillPhamPrettyChillPhamMånad sedan
  • Lazy Sutter after that invisible for a month same as vertanen took him five years too late Time to move on next season

    Angelo Da ConceicaoAngelo Da ConceicaoMånad sedan
  • it might've been 7-1. but yall gotta admit his 3 were pretty nice goals

    Austin HaseltineAustin HaseltineMånad sedan
  • This guy deserves it so much for what he has done congrats man

    Maverick91 HockeyMaverick91 HockeyMånad sedan
  • We're not asking for this effort every game Sutty but maybe something in the middle. Great start to this year though. Not complaining about that.

    Robert SagestRobert SagestMånad sedan
  • Holtby throwing his hat out was great

    AwkwardDuckAwkwardDuckMånad sedan
  • Hey what's with the Sut(t)ers and hattricks.

    Henry SulserHenry SulserMånad sedan
  • Three beautiful goals to boot!

    msaari90msaari90Månad sedan
  • Go Sutts!

    GUTOMGUTOMMånad sedan
  • 90% sure Sutter and Pettersson have pulled a freaky friday on us

    Lima BeanLima BeanMånad sedan
  • goat

    Carson LougheedCarson LougheedMånad sedan
  • atta boy sutsy

    Ben MarshallBen MarshallMånad sedan
  • Brandon "Nathan MacKinnon" Sutter!!!!

    kokevinnykokevinnyMånad sedan
  • Sutter deserved this. He is such a good player, and a great contribution to the Canucks! Let’s win again!

    BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • @roy canuck lol no. he does barely any of that most of the time. if his name wasnt Sutter he would be in the AHL by now. and thats stuff any 4th liner for 900K could do

      Traitor TavaresTraitor TavaresMånad sedan
    • No he's not

      Terry McleanTerry McleanMånad sedan
    • @xMooner yeah okay buddy

      Robert SagestRobert SagestMånad sedan
    • Brandon sutter worst Canuck of all time

      xMoonerxMoonerMånad sedan
    • @Robert Sagest Damn I didn't know he was making 4.3! At the time he came to Van it looked like a good contract, but I guess injuries really hurt his career

      roy canuckroy canuckMånad sedan
  • His first hat trick is excellent. 😀👍🏒

    James MossJames MossMånad sedan
  • I saw a tweet right after the first goal asking if he is elite now, lol

    MotionMotionMånad sedan
  • Happy to see this young and upcoming player doing so well.

    Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
  • Молодец, все голы прекрасны... 👍👍👍👍👍

    Дмитрий ПоповДмитрий ПоповMånad sedan

    AJ YuAJ YuMånad sedan
  • Two Canucks have now scored their first career hattricks against Matt Murray.

    ShadownetShadownetMånad sedan
    • @Canucks Fan21 :)

      Gurfateh BassiGurfateh BassiMånad sedan
    • @Canucks Fan21 lol

      Skiing MatthewSkiing MatthewMånad sedan
    • @Skiing Matthew I was at the sutter game 😏

      Canucks Fan21Canucks Fan21Månad sedan
    • And Matt Murray has 2 cup rings

      PetterHughesPetterHughesMånad sedan
    • Brandon Sutter and Brock Boeser (i was at the Boeser game!)

      Skiing MatthewSkiing MatthewMånad sedan
  • 6x6 extension for sutter incoming

    Luke ChristophurLuke ChristophurMånad sedan
    • Yeah another team will offer him 6x6

      PetterHughesPetterHughesMånad sedan
    • Please delete this before you give them any ideas.

      Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
  • Fun fact that was Loui Errikson in disguise

    Mr FuzyWuzyMr FuzyWuzyMånad sedan