Canucks vs Blues - Round 1 Series Recap

Unforgettable goals, memorable plays and endless battles. There were so many great #Canucks moments in Round 1, which was your favourite?
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  • Canucks let go

    Og MasonOg Mason6 månader sedan
  • Pettersson looking more manly every game.

    Flowmasta FlamFlowmasta Flam6 månader sedan

    Ingrid PrincipeIngrid Principe6 månader sedan
  • if this is a series recap then i guess Marky got 6 shutouts in 1 round, absolutely amazing!!! Atta boy Marky.

    Shaygmire CanucksShaygmire Canucks6 månader sedan
  • canucks are a little less than 100 subs away from 100k lets get it boys LGC

    Ingrid PrincipeIngrid Principe6 månader sedan
  • Congrats on 100k Canucks channel 🥳

    CC6 månader sedan

    boomboomtheman11boomboomtheman116 månader sedan
  • Elder such a sive!!!!!!!!

    Gary WenzlaffGary Wenzlaff6 månader sedan
  • HYPE

    Marcus RangeMarcus Range6 månader sedan
  • only 4 minutes? lame

    OdeszaOdesza6 månader sedan
  • Demko stealing Perron's stick in the bench should've been included!

    PetterHughesPetterHughes6 månader sedan
    • Omg I loved that😂😂

      Harjap KhellaHarjap Khella6 månader sedan
  • "series recap" More like the Vancouver Canucks round 1 highlights.

    CubertralCubertral6 månader sedan
  • It would be nice to beat Vegas but my brain is telling me Vancouver is going to get pounded hard tonight.

    Markus NäslundMarkus Näslund6 månader sedan
    • @Puck Shack lol you mad bro? Tell me more about how mad you are.

      Markus NäslundMarkus Näslund6 månader sedan
    • @Puck Shack See I was right Seeeeeee You see how right I was and you were wrong. Seeeeee

      Markus NäslundMarkus Näslund6 månader sedan
    • @Puck Shack who me?

      Markus NäslundMarkus Näslund6 månader sedan
    • @Puck Shack Who me?

      Markus NäslundMarkus Näslund6 månader sedan
  • Canucks gonna beat Vegas

    P SP S6 månader sedan
  • i love the vancouver jacob markstroms

    Sophie BjkdbgksbbSophie Bjkdbgksbb6 månader sedan
  • Underdogggs

    Arjun BirringArjun Birring6 månader sedan
  • Game 6. Bennington returns to net. Hell yeah!LOL!

    David RoachDavid Roach6 månader sedan
  • Motte has been infused with the Power of the Other Fallen Tylers!

    ryukiT3ryukiT36 månader sedan
  • I'm waiting for Petey's footage lol

    Blake DeadlyBlake Deadly6 månader sedan
  • nucks got the magic, DON'T SLEEP

    Zac MeadowsZac Meadows6 månader sedan
  • Elite Loui's time to shutdown the Karlsson line.

    FishbyFishby6 månader sedan
  • poggers

    The Oatmeal GuyThe Oatmeal Guy6 månader sedan
  • Let’s see a behind the scenes again, the qualifying round one was cool.

    DahPizzaBoyDahPizzaBoy6 månader sedan
  • GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ansh GuptaAnsh Gupta6 månader sedan
  • Come on. 200k till 100k

    GhastifyGhastify6 månader sedan
  • Oh did you see that ?

    PrettyChillPhamPrettyChillPham6 månader sedan
    • i totally missed it, what did you see?

      Chris LChris L6 månader sedan
  • Favourite moment of the series. More than Horvat's moves, more than Petterson's literal perfect post, bar, post in shot.... Roussel's INSTANT glove drop against Blais. "You touch me? Time to die!"

    Alex MacdougallAlex Macdougall6 månader sedan

    Azhar YouTubeAzhar YouTube6 månader sedan
  • They are going to beat Vegas

    Caleb GordonCaleb Gordon6 månader sedan
    • Almost

      OtakuEditsOtakuEdits5 månader sedan
  • When the team is in a pinch I’d like to see a line off petey bo and Miller. But my starting lines would be Miller Pettersson Brock Tanner Bo Jake Russel Sutter gaudette Motte beagle Zack And if Brock keeps struggling I’d like to see green reuniting Jake with petey

    Melisa GustafssonMelisa Gustafsson6 månader sedan
    • I agree with everything you said except eriksson >> macewen . Macewen cost us game 4 I believe with the bad line change and dumb goalie interference penalty. Erikssons been solid defensively even though he's a black hole for offense lol

      Chris ChrisChris Chris6 månader sedan
    • Kryzgonite MC But confidence is key Brock plying with Jake pushing for his spot lit a fire in him. In game five the kid was checking hard and skating and in game six scored.

      Melisa GustafssonMelisa Gustafsson6 månader sedan
    • Brock has no grit to his game. Can't win puck battles can't forcheck hard and doesn't have blazing speed. Hard to put him on first line where he can be shut down easily.

      Kryzgonite MCKryzgonite MC6 månader sedan
  • Who doesn't love and underdog story!? Go get your Stanley Cup boys! Win or lose you have made us proud! The future is bright!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    mojomojo6 månader sedan
  • Binnington is gone 🦀 🦀 🦀

    John BlouchJohn Blouch6 månader sedan
  • This is so surreal...haven’t felt like this since ‘11

    TheFalseProphetTheFalseProphet6 månader sedan
    • We haven’t advanced since ‘11...

      ProSkillsPayden 47ProSkillsPayden 476 månader sedan
  • Binnington for calder

    snoop doggsnoop dogg6 månader sedan
    • Do I look nervous 👀

      Taylor CTaylor C6 månader sedan
  • Let´s give those pesky knights a couple of hard canuckles on the chin and knock them into next season!! Go Canucks!!

    GrodperspektivGrodperspektiv6 månader sedan
  • In case you forgot, because we made it to the last 8 teams in the postseason our 1st round pick (which the devils own) won’t be till 24th overall at least. So we got a point per game player in miller for a 24th overall pick and a third. I call that a fleece (even though at first it didn’t look like one)

    Hughesfan 43Hughesfan 436 månader sedan
    • JP Miller Exactly! Even there is a great pick wasn’t from 24. Last time I checked it was Ryan Kesler was #23 once in 16 years

      1226Papabear1226Papabear6 månader sedan
    • Yea the % drop off from the top 5 picks down is crazy how many don't really pan out to much, sure there is hidden gems in every round of each draft, but I rather have a player now that's good than a potential player in a couple years

      Ottawa Nuck604Ottawa Nuck6046 månader sedan
    • Kryzgonite MC Tampa traded it to NJ. And there’s a huge difference between a top 5 pick and a 24th

      JP MillerJP Miller6 månader sedan
    • Let's not forget that any pick in the 1st round could be a hit look at players like barzal boeser or Pastrnak and this draft is supposed to be deep. Also Tampa has our pick not the devils

      Kryzgonite MCKryzgonite MC6 månader sedan
  • i was 6 when the disaster in 2011 happened

    BeatsBy TaniBeatsBy Tani6 månader sedan
    • @Puck Shack Probably do otherwise you wouldn't reply. You want a hug or something?

      Chris LChris L6 månader sedan
    • @Puck ShackSounds like you're the one that needs to grow up. The kids are just having fun so leave em alone.

      Chris LChris L6 månader sedan
    • I was 15 lol

      P SP S6 månader sedan
    • Same lol

      Lucas FriesenLucas Friesen6 månader sedan
    • I was 14 when the disaster in 94 happened.

      Chris LChris L6 månader sedan
  • Hopefully They win the stanley cup

    BeatsBy TaniBeatsBy Tani6 månader sedan
  • Jacob "Highlight reel" Markström

    Zackarias EverbergZackarias Everberg6 månader sedan
  • Great video!

    Michael JiMichael Ji6 månader sedan
  • Go Boeser

    -GroundShock--GroundShock-6 månader sedan
  • Motte is elite

    phatmemesphatmemes6 månader sedan

    K WrightK Wright6 månader sedan
  • lets go canucks

    newschoolernewschooler6 månader sedan
  • our new broadcasting guys are so underwhelming, i want John and John back

    TavishTavish6 månader sedan
    • Sunshine Gaming same it’s magical

      TavishTavish6 månader sedan
    • @Markus Näslund usually food or goaltending related

      T.D GamingT.D Gaming6 månader sedan
    • Nothing wrong with the broadcasting team. Nice to have a break from John Garrets ramblings.

      Markus NäslundMarkus Näslund6 månader sedan
    • i can still imagine john saying “scores” man i miss it!

      Sunshine GamingSunshine Gaming6 månader sedan
    • DeadlyCatfish yeah i like what they’re doing more

      TavishTavish6 månader sedan
  • Sixth and go Canucks go

    Tyson CockellTyson Cockell6 månader sedan
  • 3rd

    Krish BaichwalKrish Baichwal6 månader sedan
  • They said we wouldn't go far, they said that Benning should've been fired for the JT Miller trade. Look where we are right now. Elite eight, last team in Canada still in the bubble, this is our time.

    ripitrayripitray6 månader sedan
    • who said that? paul bissonette?

      DirtyCurtDirtyCurt6 månader sedan
    • They say the miller trade is bad. Now is a fleecing

      Coolnezz 09Coolnezz 096 månader sedan
    • I was one of those people who didn't like the miller trade at all. But that just goes to show you that you have wait and see how they fit, and Miller has been money right from the start. The people who want Benning fired need to really just stop following the Canucks. Sure some questionable contract were made but those guys are showing up big time. And not to mention the draft Benning has done has been great, the canucks have never had this much skill in a very very long time.

      Brice3333Brice33336 månader sedan
    • Best they get is what pick 23 for miller now. Nj that is.

      mike Jonesmike Jones6 månader sedan
    • ILIEKDIN0SAURS expect this time we win

      Caleb GordonCaleb Gordon6 månader sedan
  • Hopefully Canucks beat Vegas Edit:wow canucks just hit 100k subs congratulations

    claymationtalesclaymationtales6 månader sedan
    • Me too I really hope we win win cause if we win people won’t doubt canucks

      Bacon MurderersBacon Murderers6 månader sedan
    • I think we can do it we have team that has a sprit and a fight in us and we bet champions so we can bet Vegas

      Bluecat intheskyBluecat inthesky6 månader sedan
    • I hope too

      GhastifyGhastify6 månader sedan
    • Same

      GhastifyGhastify6 månader sedan
    • I hope so too. Some of our players haven’t scored nor given any assists either, while Vegas is a team where almost EVERYONE has scored. This is gonna be one hell of series.

      AGuitaristBoiAGuitaristBoi6 månader sedan
  • Second

    MOONV1B3ZMOONV1B3Z6 månader sedan
  • First

    Jackson PorrittJackson Porritt6 månader sedan