Thatcher Demko and Braden Holtby With Goaltending Coach Ian Clark

"It's important for a goaltender to close the door on yesterday so they can open the door on today with a fresh mind." #Canucks Goaltending Coach Ian Clark is mic'd up working with Thatcher Demko and Braden Holtby.
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  • In my opinion, you need to pay attention to the position of Goalie glove; back tilt while standing; clubs; synchronous rotation of the body, head, arms. Skating: due to the technical element, you can accelerate the movement several times, etc.

    Сегрей МануковСегрей Мануков7 dagar sedan
  • MAnagement needs to do whatever it takes to keep Clark long-term no matter what. If he leaves then we're fucked. KEEP HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!

    ShadownetShadownet10 dagar sedan
  • Love to see holts back in action

    Ethano BodienoodleEthano Bodienoodle11 dagar sedan
  • the leafs have the best offense in the NHL and the cunuicks have nodfense not the golies fault

    Jacob ZackheimJacob Zackheim12 dagar sedan
  • Holtby must be deeply thinking, "what kind of mess did i get myself into?"

    Mister NobodyMister Nobody13 dagar sedan
    • *One reason Holtby signed with Vancouver was because he wanted Clark to coach him.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare9 dagar sedan
  • Holtby is a substantial downgrade from Markstrom, just the facts. Still confident Demko has the skill to mature into a bona fide #1

    Steve JoynerSteve Joyner14 dagar sedan
  • His use of the word ‘we’ is very distracting

    Samuel HoggSamuel Hogg16 dagar sedan
  • I find it interesting that the league once again is screwing us. We have played more games that any other team in the league. keeping us tired and on our heals. And not by just a couple.....many, to most teams, have played less than 12 games. Some as few as 9..give me a break. The Canucks have the toughest schedule in the league....and I'm to believe this is coincidence....NOT !

    Truth Filter For YouTubeTruth Filter For YouTube16 dagar sedan
  • Wtf is up with the d?

    inutero10inutero1016 dagar sedan
  • Wow, we cannot lose this coach, he is truly a master of his craft. Great work, Ian!

    N WN W17 dagar sedan
  • Make sure you teach Holtby to HUG THE DANG POST!!!

    Matt MelnykMatt Melnyk17 dagar sedan
  • I was around Ian in the early 90s, Sicamous BC, Evolved into GDI around the world. I trained under him and even worked for him over the years. Nothing like hand written evaluation night lol. He’s first class guy and coach. Couldn’t even fathom how many young goaltenders he’s worked with over the years. Great job Ian 👍

    BugEyes330BugEyes33018 dagar sedan
  • These guys didn’t have a very fun time in toronto haha GLG

    Baseball 27Baseball 2718 dagar sedan
  • Their goalies are just getting destroyed by their defense and their forwards not moving the puck out of the zone.

    b0red32b0red3218 dagar sedan
  • Some seriously amazing details in this, Ian Clark reminds me a lot of Steve McKichan. All business all the time

    trav4oilerstrav4oilers19 dagar sedan
  • thatcher is the new goalie and the future of the Canucks holt by is a short contract. Probably wont be extended.

    Dome3DDome3D19 dagar sedan
  • So when is Quinn Hughes gonna play right wing or center? He seems like hate playing D

    Shut the Fuk upShut the Fuk up19 dagar sedan
  • Thatcher looks like a young Lehner out there :)

    SWKSWK19 dagar sedan
  • This was really interesting to watch. And seeing/hearing Ian work with both Demko and Holtby was nice.

    Julianne LeungJulianne Leung20 dagar sedan
  • that guy knows goaltending! (& how to coach it

    ImaFonkyDonkeyDing-dongBOY#0781eImaFonkyDonkeyDing-dongBOY#0781e20 dagar sedan
  • Braden holtby sucks

    Patty AdamPatty Adam20 dagar sedan
  • You guys need work on the power play

    A SinghA Singh20 dagar sedan
  • Now can we have a video of what the heck the defensive coach is teaching this group.

    NHL Goal Horns And Soccer SongsNHL Goal Horns And Soccer Songs20 dagar sedan
  • They would be doing better but they need to not give away the puck

    LucasLucas20 dagar sedan
  • We don’t have hamonic that’s why

    sahib bachusahib bachu20 dagar sedan
    • He got injured

      sahib bachusahib bachu19 dagar sedan
    • where'd he go (?

      ImaFonkyDonkeyDing-dongBOY#0781eImaFonkyDonkeyDing-dongBOY#0781e20 dagar sedan
  • Ian is potentially the best goalie coach in the game. He created the beast Markstrom is today and the progress Demko has shown against Vegas is the potential growth he has yet to obtain consistently, small blimps so far that are easy to reassess and improve. Biggest weakness for the team is our lack of capitalizing on the power play, even-strength neutral ice possession, entrance to offense zone, and defensive giveaways. If we can improve for this season and pick up someone to fill our gaps perfect, if not just look to get Shane Wright or Jack Hughes for draft. Lacking the 2 way player of Toffoli and Markstrom is showing how bad we lack a strong double defense pairing (back in the ol days with Jovanaski/Ohlund or Mitchell/Bieksa) and got caught up in contracts of Luongo, Eriksson, and arguably Virtanen.

    Baynton8rBaynton8r20 dagar sedan
    • hes good but Mitch Korn is an absolute legend and nobody can beat him. Without him, you would not see Lehner, Holtby, Grubauer, etc... in the NHL as of now.

      Pro Sports ClipsPro Sports Clips9 timmar sedan
  • Ian Clark the goalie whisper! Love the goalie videos!

    Nick The GoalieNick The Goalie20 dagar sedan
  • Goal tenders are solid looking we are just realling on them too much. We need to be more physical and get a hard floor check. Oh and a new GM

    Nathan SticeNathan Stice20 dagar sedan
  • big shoes to fill...or is it skates?

    Tian SkywalkerTian Skywalker20 dagar sedan

    pablocanuck9pablocanuck920 dagar sedan
  • I have no issues with the goaltending. Asking them to be Markstrom is unfair. I wanna make a point to the commentators that keep saying "we need a big save from these guys once in a while" That is usually fair, but when we're losing be 4, how many big saves can we ask for?

    Robert SagestRobert Sagest20 dagar sedan
  • It’s not the goalies, it’s their D- defence

    Hillbilly Boxing FightsHillbilly Boxing Fights20 dagar sedan
  • Chatfield and edler should be the ones practicing

    Xstr3ngthzXstr3ngthz20 dagar sedan
  • These guys are good goalies, they just need more support from the defence

    Nick StrelicNick Strelic20 dagar sedan
  • I hope Seattle doesn't take Holtby and he sticks around for another season.

    Chris LChris L20 dagar sedan
    • Seattle will, then the Canucks will probably sign a another vet goalie

      Hillbilly Boxing FightsHillbilly Boxing Fights20 dagar sedan
  • Loui Erikkson should play defence, that would fix all of the defensive problems

    TunjîTunjî20 dagar sedan
    • The 🐐

      DanDan20 dagar sedan
  • Ian Clark very good goalie trainer.👍👍👍 Markstrom is his work.

    Jiří KropáčekJiří Kropáček20 dagar sedan
    • @Austin Schwartz Really? I didn't know. 👍

      Jiří KropáčekJiří Kropáček19 dagar sedan
    • Bobrovsky too.

      Austin SchwartzAustin Schwartz20 dagar sedan
  • Need more Ian Clark content!

    Calvin LeeCalvin Lee20 dagar sedan
  • what´s up with DiPietro?

    Bounty HunterBounty Hunter20 dagar sedan
  • They should show video of Baumer teaching the defense his structure and gameplan. oh wait. he doesnt have one.

    EvlewtEvlewt20 dagar sedan
  • They should fire him

    Italianstallion OoItalianstallion Oo20 dagar sedan
    • @Baynton8r Even Marc-Andre Fleury said Ian Clark was immense for his development. Plus Ian's work in Columbus is incredible, he completely shaped bobrovsky from a sub .900 goalie into a two time vezina winner while also grooming one of the most technically sound nhl goalies who eliminated the leafs last year in Korpisalo

      J KJ K20 dagar sedan
    • Look at the Canucks previous goalies when he was employed, he was there working with Luongo, during that era he also helped the Junior Canadian team win 2 silvers and 2 golds in the 4 years he worked for the prospects. He came back and reinvented Markstrom (compare his numbers before and after 2017), look at what Demko accomplished against the Knights. To say that is like saying to get rid of Naslund/Morrison in the making of the West Coast Express line of that era.

      Baynton8rBaynton8r20 dagar sedan
    • he's been one of the best goalie coaches in the league....canucks should be doing everything to extend him

      J KJ K20 dagar sedan
  • We have goalies?

    adamlee007adamlee00720 dagar sedan
    • Goalies we have, it's the D that are MIA.

      BrewBrew20 dagar sedan
  • extend clark for 10 years

    RainifyRainify20 dagar sedan
  • Both Goalies are playing well. Canucks just have yet to learn the basic concepts of Defence

    Alex EAlex E20 dagar sedan
    • @Lukas Davies Nate Schmidt be like

      Alex EAlex E7 dagar sedan
    • Weve looked better recently but the first like 8 games the running theme was hey lets throw muffins up the centre of the ice from behind our own net right to the other team lol

      Lukas DaviesLukas Davies7 dagar sedan
    • I don’t blame the goalies right now the Canucks need to step up in their defence and offence

      Ranjodh SidhuRanjodh Sidhu20 dagar sedan
    • I feel bad for holtby, poor guys save percentage.

      RooSTARooSTA20 dagar sedan
    • Y’a

      LucasLucas20 dagar sedan
  • He's a darn good coach

    TylerMcKnight1994 gamingTylerMcKnight1994 gaming20 dagar sedan
  • Holtby is good, I think he just needs to get used to the Canucks.

    BoquaaBoquaa20 dagar sedan
    • @adamlee007 *Used to losing.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare9 dagar sedan
    • Or lack there of

      cOWLcOWL20 dagar sedan
    • @adamlee007 to being the complete backbone bc our defence is not the best

      Ash 123Ash 12320 dagar sedan
    • Neither goalie has been the reason they lose so badly in these blowout losses.

      u Jinksu Jinks20 dagar sedan
    • @Alex E true lol

      BoquaaBoquaa20 dagar sedan
  • Hardest part of these drills is remembering the order of the movements loll

    Highfive2fakieHighfive2fakie20 dagar sedan
    • As a fellow goaltender it's more so perfecting the consistency of positioning/sliding duo and the stamina rather than the order. But if you're just starting I agree with you

      Baynton8rBaynton8r20 dagar sedan
  • Nucks 1 tor 10

    adamlee007adamlee00720 dagar sedan
  • They need it

    Wizard EditzWizard Editz20 dagar sedan
    • Yup

      Sports BoysSports Boys20 dagar sedan
  • Announce Clark's extention

    Shiv DesaiShiv Desai20 dagar sedan
  • boys, lets kill toronto tonight

    Manuel ElliottManuel Elliott20 dagar sedan
  • He obviously doing a great job and it shows in the game

    Kieran The bossKieran The boss20 dagar sedan
  • First

    Sports BoysSports Boys20 dagar sedan
    • @Wizard Editz yodel

      Sports BoysSports Boys20 dagar sedan
    • What a rip my Nvidia Shield TV said no views...

      mark nieuwejaarmark nieuwejaar20 dagar sedan
    • Hellur

      Wizard EditzWizard Editz20 dagar sedan