Quinn Hughes - Rookie Season Milestones

Quinn Hughes rewrote #Canucks and #NHL history books during the 2019-20 season and in doing so became the third consecutive Vancouver player nominated for the NHL's Calder Memorial Trophy as Rookie of the Year. The 20-year-old defenceman led all rookies in assists and points during the regular season, before leading in assists and finishing second in points in the playoffs. Hughes' Calder nomination is the fourth in franchise history alongside Elias Pettersson (won 2018-19), Brock Boeser 2017-18 and Pavel Bure (won 1991-92).
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  • This man was ROBBED of rookie of the year and the Canucks were robbed of that milestone

    Brendon BushBrendon BushMånad sedan
  • Whoever edited this video 👌👌

    Whats UpWhats Up2 månader sedan
  • Love watch him play 👍🏼

    MicBergsmaMicBergsma3 månader sedan
  • LET'S GO Hughe BEAR!!!!

    TheHockeyCardNerdTheHockeyCardNerd3 månader sedan
  • for three years in a row a canucks rookie has made all-star game and also for three years in a row a canucks rookie has been a Calder trophy finalist

    Fissey GamingFissey Gaming4 månader sedan
  • He would of if they included playoffs because he was a beast

    Matthew KalhaMatthew Kalha5 månader sedan
  • 💙💚

    molly tolbertmolly tolbert5 månader sedan
  • I thought he deserve to win because this year* he actually has higher POINTS per-game (.86 vs .84) but with basically 50% fewer shots and offensive opportunities on an inferior team he played more than Makar and yet Makar has 95% more shots and 80% more offensive starts. makar also played with a far more offensive team where every all star had more points and spent far more time in offensive zone so with -inferior offensive team -half as many offensive opportunities -more minutes per game mostly spent in defensive zone facing higher shots he still had more PPG than Makar since Christmas played with (*2020 part of the regular season, not the entire 19-20 season)

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips5 månader sedan
  • You know the real MVP is Arizona and Detroit passing up on Hughes in the draft

    MikeMMikeM5 månader sedan
  • Size is too small, you need more Giant size player to survive the energy wise !!

    John DoeJohn Doe5 månader sedan
  • And yet he didn’t win the calder🤦🏼‍♀️. Unbelievably stupid

    Noah QuesnelleNoah Quesnelle5 månader sedan
  • Darn, we get a rookie defensemen who is only the 3rd defenseman in the expansion era to lead all rookies and he has to go against another rookie high-scoring defenseman. We would've won the Calder if not for Cale Makar.

    September2004September20045 månader sedan
  • This kid is very special, I played and watched hockey for many years and have never seen anyone who could skate like that.

    Kenneth MakKenneth Mak5 månader sedan
  • Super Star ⭐ in the making

    Casket BrainCasket Brain5 månader sedan
  • Hughes is the better defencemen, but Maccar is the better shot, for now.

    msantomsanto5 månader sedan
  • His post season game gets even more impressive when you realize he was playing on a double injured leg for at least the last series (not entirely sure which injury came when) and was getting three treatments per day just to keep it in check. And he still managed to break the NHL rookie record for points in the post season. He may not have gotten the Calder (where he still came within 200 voting points of Makar) but he's got a hell of a future ahead of him, hopefully with a few Norris or Hart Trophies in there as well

    AsheAshe5 månader sedan
  • Quinn was robbed.

    Joseph LoJoseph Lo5 månader sedan
  • He didn't win the Calder, but when you combine Hughes' 53 pt season (on pace for a tie with the Canucks dman record at 63 pts) and a Canucks dman playoff record of 16 pts. This 20 year old ROOKIE just had flat out, THE most impressive season by a Canucks dman in all 50 years. The scary thing is, at 20, no player is even close to their prime. If Hughes at this age is already easily the best dman in Canucks history (in any single season), imagine him in a few years!

    NHL VANNHL VAN5 månader sedan
  • The real Calder winner.

    Sean AverySean Avery5 månader sedan
  • "It didn't hurt that much"

    T.D GamingT.D Gaming5 månader sedan
  • Stanley cup > trophy award

    johnson lejohnson le5 månader sedan
  • Choked he didn’t win the Calder

    filippe2677filippe26775 månader sedan

    Azhar YouTubeAzhar YouTube5 månader sedan
  • Hughes makes winning plays time and time again that is why he should win it

    Jayson ClarmontJayson Clarmont5 månader sedan
  • Thanks for passing on him Arizona and Detroit

    Jackson CampbellJackson Campbell5 månader sedan
  • Quinn for calder baby

    max Boudetmax Boudet5 månader sedan
  • I really hope he wins !

    Vonda PettyVonda Petty5 månader sedan
  • This man is something next level

    PavishPavish5 månader sedan
    • Canucks He sure is!

      TheHockeyCardNerdTheHockeyCardNerd3 månader sedan
  • When was the last time Canucks actually had a a young promising d man? I think since... Tanev? About time.

    Malcolm HolmesMalcolm Holmes5 månader sedan
    • Patrick Star LOL, didn’t see ‘d man’.

      SpartanNige 329SpartanNige 3295 månader sedan
    • @SpartanNige 329 he plays defence now?

      Malcolm HolmesMalcolm Holmes5 månader sedan
    • Well, Elias Petterson.

      SpartanNige 329SpartanNige 3295 månader sedan
    • @roof pizza nope. Luc Bourdon was the last one

      TntjokoTntjoko5 månader sedan
    • Tanev? No. The last promising one was Edler.

      roof pizzaroof pizza5 månader sedan
  • Quinner for Calder!

    AJ YuAJ Yu5 månader sedan
  • Welcome to the age of the super rookie...Rookies with veteran-like highlight packages after only 1 season!

    Doctor JonesDoctor Jones5 månader sedan
  • Quinn will be a defensemen with 100 points very soon, 20 year rookie breaking records in his 1st regular and playoff season.

    gumbygumby5 månader sedan
  • Even if he doesn't win tonight, we know what a special player he is. And he knows it too. That's the most important thing.

    jeffnalsjeffnals5 månader sedan
    • True

      MinionEhMinionEh5 månader sedan
  • Such a young raw talent!

    Jonny NerotJonny Nerot5 månader sedan
  • And the CALDER goes tooooooo #43 of the Vancouver Canucks "QUINNNNN HUGHESS"

    Richard ZouRichard Zou5 månader sedan
    • I think it’s going to be makar

      Jameson 123Jameson 1235 månader sedan
  • He definitely deserves to win Rookie of the year.

    ABC GODABC GOD5 månader sedan
  • This guy is insane

    Samir RazaSamir Raza5 månader sedan
  • Ya gotta admit the canucks played well in the bubble. Really proud to be a canucks fan.

    B FranklinB Franklin5 månader sedan
    • Darrah Samson i hope aha but i learned is canucks fans don’t get nice things :/

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ5 månader sedan
    • Theroby06 I think either Vegas or nucks are winning next year hopefully nucks

      Darrah SamsonDarrah Samson5 månader sedan
    • Darrah Samson canadian teams are in good spots right now. ottawa with their picks could become a great team. winnipeg has a good core, need defencemen, good chance we win possibly next 5 years max

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ5 månader sedan
    • Theroby06 DEFINITELY not Toronto and I think Edmonton is gonna win soon if they keep McDavid and get a good goalie but I don’t really want it to happen i want Canucks or habs

      Darrah SamsonDarrah Samson5 månader sedan
    • Darrah Samson canucks have all the main pieces. habs could have them. both of them in the next couple years could be competing, who knows. i just hope it’s not toronto or edmonton lol

      Jesus ChristJesus Christ5 månader sedan
  • Let’s go Quinn Hughes! 🤗🐻

    Harry MaHarry Ma5 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks Go

    Arjun GillArjun Gill5 månader sedan
  • He better win the Calder tonight.

    xUnchart4dxUnchart4d5 månader sedan
    • pain.

      Savannah HeardSavannah Heard5 månader sedan
    • It was maker 😢

      1whyfren1whyfren5 månader sedan
    • Jack Fairburn and within the next few years they could both be in the Norris race

      Darrah SamsonDarrah Samson5 månader sedan
    • Darrah Samson for sure. Going to be fun to watch them both play for the foreseeable future

      Jack FairburnJack Fairburn5 månader sedan
    • Jack Fairburn they should have done a double winner cause they both seriously deserved it

      Darrah SamsonDarrah Samson5 månader sedan
  • First

    Rayman ChahalRayman Chahal5 månader sedan