Thank You Canucks Fans!

We read the tweets, saw the Instagram stories and admired your Tik Toks. We felt your playoff support on every platform Canucks fans and we can’t thank you enough!
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  • HAHAHHA I forgot to comment on this but I see myself:)

    ArmanucksArmanucksMånad sedan
  • we have the best hockey player in the NHL.

    cash macgregorcash macgregor5 månader sedan
  • Please dont trade boes please

    SiblinxSiblinx5 månader sedan
  • Damn, the Vegas coach just gave credit to Thatcher Demko for shattering their confidence which affected their offense against the Stars. Dallas should send Thatcher Demko a thank you note: 'Golden Knights head coach Pete DeBoer gave credit to the Stars and goaltender Anton Khudobin for their part in shutting down the high-powered Vegas offence, but also suggested a young Canucks goaltender played a role. “There’s no doubt that the last couple games of the Vancouver series against Demko rattled our confidence a little bit in that area as a group,” said DeBoer. “Honestly, up until that point, I thought we were creating a ton of offence, we were scoring a lot of goals. It was never an issue.”'

    September2004September20045 månader sedan
  • great run this season. future is bright

    Noah LNoah L5 månader sedan
  • We are Canucks!

    Real TrashReal Trash5 månader sedan
  • Got anything to say about the two LA Officers ambushed and shot in Compton? And the BLM supporters that went and blocked the Emergency entrances at the hospital chanting "I hope the pigs die?" THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS are COMPLICIT in supporting BLM and creating this atmosphere of HATRED around our Police Officers of EVERY COLOR AND MINORITY that have SWORN to protect us. These actions are despicable and disgusting. But there wont be a statement about it. STOP SUPPORTING BLM.

    Ponda BabaPonda Baba5 månader sedan
  • Vancouverite for life! Go Canucks Go

    Donovan BrittenDonovan Britten5 månader sedan
  • We have a bright future! Stanley cup in Stanley park!!!

    A GA G5 månader sedan
  • We are all one team

    Charlie NgCharlie Ng5 månader sedan
  • Thank YOU Canucks!! It was a fun season regardless the Covid Pause! I see a bright future ahead that’s for sure!!! I see me in this video .. thank you! 💙💚

    nuckgirl16nuckgirl165 månader sedan
  • #Comebackhome #LetsGoCanucks We were so close, we just watch Vegas. If they win, we know that we would've won.. Lets tap our sticks to remember all our Playoff Runs. Drive through Vancity with your Jersey and Stick. WE ARE ALL CANUCKS! (Don't click on links)

    K BrossK Bross5 månader sedan
  • #GoCanucksGo

    Owen O'ConnorOwen O'Connor5 månader sedan
  • We are all Canucks! :) Forever Blue

    rl2oo8rl2oo85 månader sedan
  • And thank YOU for making me happy during this great run!! Go Canucks Go!!

    Stevensports04Stevensports045 månader sedan
  • 2017-2018 The emergence of Boeser 2018-2019 Petey explodes onto the scene 2019-2020 Hughes and Miller makes this team a playoff contender once again 2020-2021 ??? The future of the Canucks look bright.

    TwilitblackTwilitblack5 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks Go 🇨🇦💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Quincy Tang79Quincy Tang795 månader sedan
  • It was a sad game 7 but we always have next year CANUCKS FOR THE CUPPPPPPPPPPP

    claymationtalesclaymationtales5 månader sedan
  • Letsssss gooooo canucks!!!!

    Mason CraggMason Cragg5 månader sedan
  • We are proud of your team effort! Always a Canuck fan.

    Mary Ann DominatoMary Ann Dominato5 månader sedan
  • Respect totally!, I live out in Calgary and seeing people out in Surrey honking says we got the best fans going. And another thing ,we might just be filling the seats up next year..keep positive Vancouver!

    Barry TBarry T5 månader sedan
  • Best team in the NHL #gocanucksgo

    Anna FedorukAnna Fedoruk5 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the season. Looking forward to next season when I can make more Canucks anime ops!

    Yrb KYrb K5 månader sedan
  • Been a fan since the old Pacific Coliseum days, love this young team, they learned a valuable lesson this season and playoffs, they have got what it takes to up their game, looking forward to this teams future #gocanucksgo #weareallcanucks

    floodtechfloodtech5 månader sedan
  • We Are All Canucks 💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚

    HockeyGirlFan 18HockeyGirlFan 185 månader sedan
  • Let’s goooo we got it next year

    Tyler Talks hockeyTyler Talks hockey5 månader sedan
  • No... Thank YOU for giving us a fantastic year!

    Kyle is coolKyle is cool5 månader sedan
  • I am a fan of Cunucks, but I am not from Canada, is there something wrong with that???

    Leena MarquardLeena Marquard5 månader sedan
    • nope. where ya from?

      mojomojo5 månader sedan
  • Dylan Kingwell should be in here, he is one of the biggest fans

    Leena MarquardLeena Marquard5 månader sedan
  • JUST STAY tha fk away from politics, maybe you will get some fans back.... NBA is dying if not already dead, judge is still out on the NFL, if they decide to go full on NBA, you can almost see NFL committing suicide if they decide to go that route..

    Joseph KingJoseph King5 månader sedan

    Azhar YouTubeAzhar YouTube5 månader sedan
  • We thank u for giving us the BEST Canucks season since 2011

    Canucks Fan21Canucks Fan215 månader sedan
  • Once a Canucks always a Canucks

    VestedGamingVestedGaming5 månader sedan
  • And we thank you Boys! You brought excitement back into our lives when we needed it most! GO CANUCKS GO!! ❤️

    A ZA Z5 månader sedan
  • I only tune in to watch Pettersson.

    RedRisottoRedRisotto5 månader sedan
  • As a leafs fan, thank you for a great playoff run! Next year, you'll win the Stanley Cup someday. Someday! So proud!

    Keeshan DaveKeeshan Dave5 månader sedan
    • @mojo thanks mate. I know I didn't watch too much Canucks playoff games this year, it was an opportunity of a lifetime!

      Keeshan DaveKeeshan Dave5 månader sedan
    • I'm glad you enjoyed watching our team!

      mojomojo5 månader sedan
  • We don't care if we lost We care that you care about us thanks for making the playoffs nucks next year all the teams will be scared

    boomboomtheman11boomboomtheman115 månader sedan
  • This is my team and I will ride or die with them until the end of time!! #GoCanuckGo #WeAreAllCanucks

    Blizzard Bobbity Boo!Blizzard Bobbity Boo!5 månader sedan
  • The best way to thank us is by bringing the Cup to BC. No other thanks are necessary.

    Ely PevetsEly Pevets5 månader sedan
  • go canucks go

    John.U.26John.U.265 månader sedan
  • We are proud of the Nux no matter what

    Ezra LangdonEzra Langdon5 månader sedan
    • They did a hell of a lot better than the other Canadian teams so I can’t say too much

      Darrah SamsonDarrah Samson5 månader sedan
    • Yes we are

      SiblinxSiblinx5 månader sedan
  • ❤️

    Smoodys GoatedSmoodys Goated5 månader sedan
  • From a canes fan you guys have a bright future ahead I expecting a cup or two and that might be the kiss of death so sorry about that Vancouver

    HURRICANEJD1129HURRICANEJD11295 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks go!

    BoquaaBoquaa5 månader sedan
  • We Love You

    AarizAariz5 månader sedan
    • u r 1st cuz u dont play fortnite

      Morty SMorty S5 månader sedan
  • FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tagemo1Tagemo15 månader sedan
    • u r not 1st

      Morty SMorty S5 månader sedan
  • first

    Butter The GamerButter The Gamer5 månader sedan
    • @Morty S just because i play fortnite i can still love sports because i do so be quite

      Butter The GamerButter The Gamer5 månader sedan
    • u r 1st yet u play fortnite so u cant be a vancover fan

      Morty SMorty S5 månader sedan