Tyler Motte Speaks on Mental Health - Hockey Talks

"When you're ready, talk to someone... take that first step. It went a long way for me and I hope it leads to better days for you." - Tyler Motte, #HockeyTalks ambassador
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  • For Vancouver the Canucks are a never ending embarrassment. Just sell the franchise and we can root for Seattle. Heck they even fired their anthem singer. Just pathetic.

    Mark GuyMark Guy26 dagar sedan
  • this guys coming out party was the playoffs what a beast

    Don AtelloDon AtelloMånad sedan
  • Thank you so much Tyler for being so open to your personal mental health issues in your life. I suffer from mental health issues myself and having a guy like you Tyler to look up to is just so inspirational for me and for so many people! From one advocate to another let’s continue to break the silence surrounding mental health! Also I love watching you play you are truly one of the hardest working players in the game! Keep up the fight buddy, you deserve all the credit in the world for all that you do👍😁. #hockeytalks #mentalhealthawareness #nevergiveup

    Jordan PerepolkinJordan PerepolkinMånad sedan
  • Thank you for speaking up about mental health! Such an inspiring role model.

    K TK TMånad sedan
  • so glad to have an nhl figure as a model to look up to and learn from - not just on the ice too!

    jamie horrorjamie horrorMånad sedan
  • Awesome message Motter!

    msaari90msaari90Månad sedan
  • Nice goal man!!!!

    EpicElite333EpicElite333Månad sedan
  • Jt miller refusing to shoot the puck on goal during the pp effects my mental health. I mean wtf dude take a shot

    MrJosh HarveyMrJosh HarveyMånad sedan
  • How kind is slewfooting & injuring your own teammates? Is that good therapy?

    Bruce MacEwenBruce MacEwenMånad sedan
  • I keep voting this guy for unsung hero every year since he came over. Never wins. Let's make it happen for once please!

    Ghetto CanuckGhetto CanuckMånad sedan
  • He’s scoring 2 goals tonight!

    Karam AudelKaram AudelMånad sedan
    • as of right now you have CALLED it! haha

      Chris DonkinChris DonkinMånad sedan
  • Dark Horse for the Canucks. Absolutely love Mottes energy on and off the ice. Such a beauty! Great message!

    Brad TBrad TMånad sedan
  • This is real everyone. I’ve seen it destroy some of the best peopleI know. Know when your mentally stressed and find someone to talk about it with.. yes you will be surprised how many people want to listen. But more importantly, if your helping someone cope... you can’t blame yourself for the way someone is coping. Not everyone recovers from depression. Thanks Motter, I’ll be cheering you on today against those cats from Ottawa.

    Hyper LanceHyper LanceMånad sedan
  • What a boss. I hope more emphasis is placed in the league on opening up about mental health, how to deal with mental health struggles as an athlete, and that more players can come forward with this message that it's completely normal and even encouraged to talk about and address.

    Splintered1245Splintered1245Månad sedan
  • Fantastic player and human ❤️

    AustinAustinMånad sedan
  • Great courage firm Motter love ya. Bud

    Sehej DeoSehej DeoMånad sedan
  • Motter is the type of player who one day will have a massive year and people will wonder where that came from. But true fans know.

    JBJBMånad sedan
    • And please let it be in blue and green!

      Travis GreenTravis GreenMånad sedan
    • 5 goals in 9 games so far this season. Not a bad pace. Maybe this is his year.

      VHL GuyVHL GuyMånad sedan
  • Thank you Canucks and Tyler Motte 💙💚

    Ashly MontoyaAshly MontoyaMånad sedan
  • Thank you for speaking out.

    CanucksVidCanucksVidMånad sedan
  • This video is so full of knowledge! I've been trying to look for a SEslow video like yours that explains the stuff in this vid. 🥼Your vid really is like the vids from Dr Ethan. Dr Ethan's demonstrations are really useful and I actually learned a lot for my wellness. He is the helpful medical student in Europe and he talks about vitamins and medical school. I recommend you check his page out and give Doctor Ethan a like here! 👉 #DrEthanNews

    A2iiina__A2iiina__Månad sedan
  • Thank you Tyler for sharing your story and being honest. I relate to your story so much. It means a lot to know someone who I idolize understands 💙💚

    liveyourliife26liveyourliife26Månad sedan
  • Most underrated player on the Canucks.

    ZediZediMånad sedan
    • Agreed

      Tyler Talks hockeyTyler Talks hockeyMånad sedan
  • When I recently lost my aunt I was shocked... with this virus it limits my time visiting my family and friends..

    TylerMcKnight1994 gamingTylerMcKnight1994 gamingMånad sedan
    • There's a lot of love in these comments and you can reach out to us anytime. Take care.

      Aneil PAneil P28 dagar sedan
    • Sorry for your loss man, my advice would just be to have something to look forward to, enjoy your day!

      Travis GreenTravis GreenMånad sedan
  • I remember logging on to mindcheck.ca (now Foundry) when it launched years ago. It’s great to see how Hockey Talks is growing strong around the league as well (18 teams now). A great legacy for Rick Rypien and important initiative by the Canucks.

    historyrepeatinghistoryrepeatingMånad sedan
  • Thank you Tyler and the Canucks for putting this message out there. We spend a lot of time focusing on physical health in sports, but mental health is equally as important. A lot of kids and teens use sports as an outlet to understand the world, and if players like Tyler keep spreading helpful messages like this it might make a serious impact.

    BCandSL62309BCandSL62309Månad sedan
  • Bro I love how the Canucks communicate with eachother, its so nice!

    BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
  • Thank you Canucks and Tyler for doing this, it means a lot to tons of people who experienced this and those who are now experiencing it

    R GR GMånad sedan
  • Jjj

    NHL reactsNHL reactsMånad sedan