Opening Day of the Canucks 2021 Training Camp

Back at it! The #Canucks hit the ice at Rogers Arena for the first official day of training camp for the 2021 season, presented by TD.
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  • fire benning

    A CA C21 dag sedan
  • Did anyone else think that demko was market for a sec when you saw him in CCM gear

    Keenan BenderKeenan BenderMånad sedan
  • höglander have a sen many time in rögle i hopp he got a place in the new team now if not we dont now ho we misst he are a speciel player how now vere the pucks come

    Niels Henrik FalsbergNiels Henrik FalsbergMånad sedan
  • The green screen background is terrible... go back to what you did in the bubble.

    Bowie LeiaBowie LeiaMånad sedan
  • Looking good

    Jeyasothy haThiyagarajahJeyasothy haThiyagarajahMånad sedan
  • If Clarke gets Holtby back on track, man him and Demko are gonna take the Canucks to a new level.

    dmonsefdmonsefMånad sedan
  • They all have Corona.

    President TrumpPresident TrumpMånad sedan
  • Thank you for sharing your video with us; how exciting is that hey !!! Ready -Set-GO !!

    Kim Maureen Jensen, BA nee RobinsonKim Maureen Jensen, BA nee RobinsonMånad sedan
  • Weres olli juolevi and di pietro I feel like they never get a chance let’s see what they can do with the big boys

    ChuckChuckMånad sedan
  • I think Holtby is gonna have a really good year and I’m really interested to see how Schmidt plays

    Blaze HKeyBlaze HKeyMånad sedan
  • Make us proud Canucks!! Go Canucks go!!

    Spencer JonesSpencer JonesMånad sedan
  • Who's hyped for the all Canadian division?

    Midi Music ForeverMidi Music ForeverMånad sedan
  • Seeing the HOLTBEAST in blue is breaking my heart!!!

    JustAChivalrousKnightJustAChivalrousKnightMånad sedan
  • i cant believe we got holtby!!!!

    Zevi GordonZevi GordonMånad sedan
  • I can feel hoglander is going to be good

    J RoldanJ RoldanMånad sedan
  • LET"S GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Owen O'ConnorOwen O'ConnorMånad sedan
  • Looking good Calgary! ... oh wait ..

    MyPingIs98_YTMyPingIs98_YTMånad sedan
  • Was messier coaching?

    blitzen850blitzen850Månad sedan
  • good to see the boys back on the ice! That green screen looks like crap though lol

    Kyle TKyle TMånad sedan
  • you guys will loooove Nate. He is such a personality on and off the ice.

    Seamus GolferSeamus GolferMånad sedan
  • Please do not allow the gov't, the league, sponsors, or any others to impose their political message on your team workout gear. That includes black lives matter and diversity being a strength (without anything to unify). Such politicalization has nothing to do with the reason that people support hockey. Nor should your sport be used as a vehicle to promote such messages . It contributes to dividing the sport and the destruction of the league.

    Garry SmithGarry SmithMånad sedan
  • Wanna see an Erickson hat trick this year

    MrAppleman89MrAppleman89Månad sedan
    • I wouldn't hold your breath

      Lewis McGinnLewis McGinnMånad sedan
  • Its funny kids can play but rich hockey players can play and make lots of money. Its always the money what a world plus the can be tested anytime cross the border and see the kids crap.

    Marv KwiaMarv KwiaMånad sedan
  • So stoked on Schmidt

    Dr Bob Lob LawDr Bob Lob LawMånad sedan
  • I used to love the Canucks as a second team but now the Canadian division is a thing so I’m sorry nucks fans but go habs go!

    Darrah SamsonDarrah SamsonMånad sedan
  • Can’t wait for the Hoglander, Horvat, Pearson line!!!

    MKGamingMKGamingMånad sedan
  • Lol at first I thought Gauds was a cardboard cutout in the conference 😂

    Trevor WiersmaTrevor WiersmaMånad sedan
  • Opening day ? Who cares , grown men chasing a puck , who cares . Is there not more pressing issues?

    Winston SmithWinston SmithMånad sedan

      monishasamellsmonishasamellsMånad sedan
  • #49 just ain’t it out of all numbers they picked that for holtby

    CanucksFanBoyCanucksFanBoyMånad sedan
  • talking about holts and showing clips of demko A+ editing right there

    capsfan19capsfan19Månad sedan
  • So Gaudette gave up his number for Shmidt?

    popeye sailorpopeye sailorMånad sedan
  • Demko is looking amazing in net

    SlimxzySlimxzyMånad sedan
  • The Canucks are going to be a really fun team to watch this season! The Canadian division as a whole is going to be incredible to watch! LFG!!

    DMAC26DMAC26Månad sedan
  • Seeing holtby in a nucks hat and Jersey is so weird but feels so right

    Tek HardyTek HardyMånad sedan
  • I will miss markstrom. Nothing against holtby, i just liked marky personally

    NeenJa xdNeenJa xdMånad sedan
    • Agreed!

      Jen SeverJen SeverMånad sedan
  • Greetings from Russia to all Canucks

  • I'm going to miss Schmidty so much in Vegas he is such an amazing guy

    Matthew LutzMatthew LutzMånad sedan
  • I've only had Nate Schmidt for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him I'd kill everyone in this room and then myself.

    Katie SBKatie SBMånad sedan
  • So excited to see what the new guys, Holtby, Schmidt, Rathbone, Hoglander and Juolevi have in store for the Canucks this season.

    NHL VANNHL VANMånad sedan
  • Covid-logics. Training camp with the boys but have to sit miles from eachother during the interview😂

    Kimmy RaskKimmy RaskMånad sedan
  • Pick up hoglander in ur pools boys

    Ryan StolzRyan StolzMånad sedan
  • The 90's called and wants it's green screen technology back.

    Doctor JonesDoctor JonesMånad sedan
  • Schmidt is just a mood. He’s going to fit in great with the boys. He’s for sure one of those missing pieces we needed after everything that happened.

    AlejandroAlejandroMånad sedan
  • Schmidt seems like a really good character guy. Someone you like to be around. Hopefully he comes outta his shell soon. It's good to have fun characters in the locker room.

    JeremyCuddlesJeremyCuddlesMånad sedan
  • Hope Juolevi can stay healthy. Gonna be a crucial year for him!

    NozzyNozzyMånad sedan
  • the green screen effect is just so bad lol, looks like something out of the 50s

    1RnSghT1RnSghTMånad sedan
  • Unreal to see holtby in canucks gear

    James HossaJames HossaMånad sedan
  • Buncha beauty’s out there

    Noxious SAWYERNoxious SAWYERMånad sedan
  • Hoggy let's goooooooo

    OstynOstynMånad sedan
  • Schmidty is going to be great for this team

    Mulder ScullyMulder ScullyMånad sedan
  • I don't know why but I'm rooting for Höglander to break through as if he was my kid or something. Would be such a nice story line to follow through all this corona misery.

    davidLAMFdavidLAMFMånad sedan
    • His offensive game is probably ready. His defensive game may need some work. I’m hearing good things though, and he’s only 20 👍

      Derek AzyanDerek AzyanMånad sedan
  • Schmidty is a legend! Love this guy

    gsgejrigerhgsgejrigerhMånad sedan
  • Mmmmmmmmm the hockey. *Insert drooling.

    BattleModeBainbridgeBattleModeBainbridgeMånad sedan
  • Man all Canadian division will be a treat. They will be talking about this 50 years from now.

    rulinghabsrulinghabsMånad sedan
    • To go purely based on last season (which I know is foolish since there have been plenty of roster changes) the north division looks likely to be the tightest race to make the playoffs, and probably not holding a cup winner. With all the player changes though, i'm gonna hold off on cup speculations until i've seen a couple weeks of hockey. Should be a fun division to watch though.

      Reagan HarderReagan HarderMånad sedan
  • Yes lets go Cunucks we want a cup this year boys!!!

    Infinity MjbInfinity MjbMånad sedan
  • LOL good team - if you want to lose in the first round of a final.. nothing more.

    Tyler TheCreatorTyler TheCreatorMånad sedan
  • i’m not even a canucks fan, but just seeing this hockey coming back got me EMOTIONAL

    Hunter DivinaHunter DivinaMånad sedan
  • Why does Demko fake his accent???, he is from California...

    Colby KambeitzColby KambeitzMånad sedan
  • This is gonna be a good but short season!!

    TylerMcKnight1994 gamingTylerMcKnight1994 gamingMånad sedan
  • Holtby is class act. Looking forward to seeing him

    Brant ChurchillBrant ChurchillMånad sedan
  • Hogger on 2nd line is good

    Brant ChurchillBrant ChurchillMånad sedan
  • Schmidt is great

    Brant ChurchillBrant ChurchillMånad sedan
  • Hate the virtual background

    Brant ChurchillBrant ChurchillMånad sedan
  • Schmitt took gaudette’s 88?

    Mark SteensonMark SteensonMånad sedan
    • I don't think Gaud wasn't that tied to the number 88. He originally chose 88 as compensation for not being able to wear just 8 (Tanev wore 8, now Benn has it)

      ZacZacMånad sedan
    • Gauds offered it to him, for a price of course. Its a GP thing, Schmidt is a legit vet.

      BroxtyBroxtyMånad sedan
  • My fingers are crossed for holtby🤞

    DMG SpeedDMG SpeedMånad sedan
  • Gonna miss Stech go Canucks go

    purple09purple09Månad sedan
  • I Hope We Can Bring Home The Stanley Cup, Let's Go Boy's, the work ethic in the process is unbelievable! #GoCanucksGo

    Gurfateh BassiGurfateh BassiMånad sedan
    • @Infinity Mjb Yes! #GoCanucksGo

      Gurfateh BassiGurfateh BassiMånad sedan
    • thats what I said :) But I agree bro

      Infinity MjbInfinity MjbMånad sedan
  • Surprised that they didnt put BLM on the ice,uniforms and tattoo is on there heads

    Ryley RoosdahlRyley RoosdahlMånad sedan
    • what’s the point of this comment man, no need for your toxicity

      matthewmatthewMånad sedan
  • next year look at this line up Boeser-Petterson-Podkolzin Hoglander-Horvat-Miller Motte-Pearson-Virtanen Lind-Gaudette-MacEwan Hughes-Schmidt Edler-Hamonic Rathbone-Myers Juolevi Starter-Demko Backup-Holtby That is a stanley cup contending team (also canucks hire me as a video editor for your instagram and youtube)

    SchmidtySchmidtyMånad sedan
    • @James Alexander sry i forgot but i updated the lineup

      SchmidtySchmidtyMånad sedan
    • @richard bui sry i forgot him, i was doing this off memory, i updated the lineup

      SchmidtySchmidtyMånad sedan
    • @Ethan Larsen you dont like calgary either

      SchmidtySchmidtyMånad sedan
    • @Alan Voong yeah sry i forgot about him somehow when making this, it was from memory

      SchmidtySchmidtyMånad sedan
    • @Loui Eriksson Fan He will be entering the hall of fame by then

      SchmidtySchmidtyMånad sedan
  • And for the Defence they just signed Hamonic but he has a 7 day Covid wait but that they replaced pretty much all they lost Markstorm-Holtby Tanev-Hamonic Stecher-Smidt Fattenberg-Olleviji(seems he will make it this year)

    Crosby4everCrosby4everMånad sedan
    • I’d say we downgraded our goal tending a bit

      Jameson 123Jameson 123Månad sedan

    Flowmasta FlamFlowmasta FlamMånad sedan
  • The Canucks are stacked GO CANUCKS GO

    SRWSRWMånad sedan
  • we have ourselves a new honey badger

    Ken ToKen ToMånad sedan
  • Is Jack Rathbone there

    owen mannowen mannMånad sedan
    • He looked very good out there today.

      BroxtyBroxtyMånad sedan
    • @Simpo B thank you he’s actually my friend

      owen mannowen mannMånad sedan
    • 3:35 wearing #3

      Simpo BSimpo BMånad sedan
  • Why is thatcher wearing markys old pillows

    Declan MoffattDeclan MoffattMånad sedan
    • From what I know is that he left Brians in the summer but his CCM EFlex 5’s weren’t approved / hadn’t arrived for camp start so he wore Markstrom’s EFlex 4’s for like 2 days. He has his own on now!

      Alex BurryAlex BurryMånad sedan
    • hand me downs lol

      monishasamellsmonishasamellsMånad sedan
    • Good buddies gear. Canucks colour, already broken in.

      SBCTrailRidesSBCTrailRidesMånad sedan
  • So pumped for the season! Let's go!

    Gamepass GuysGamepass GuysMånad sedan
  • The whole conference seemed like a poorly lit zoom call lol. The background made Gaudette look like Jesus

    Eric WEric WMånad sedan
    • Please we all know Jesus went forward in time to steal gauds hair

      Joshua BoutilierJoshua BoutilierMånad sedan
    • He is HockeyGaud

      Robert SagestRobert SagestMånad sedan
    • It's definitely a green screen background. Awful choice hahaha

      Billy TessioBilly TessioMånad sedan
  • A lot of people are underestimating the canucks. I believe this team got better defensively, and possibly better goaltending. I can see them finishing third maybe second in their division if everything clicks.

    Nicholas LouieNicholas LouieMånad sedan
    • maybe. I hope so at least. That being said, whoever comes out on top of the Canadian division at the end of the season is going to be in for a rude awakening playing some of those monster American teams without playing them all season long (Colorado is a scary one. There's others too like: Vegas, Carolina, Philly, Tampa Bay, possibly Dallas and Washington etc.)

      ZacZacMånad sedan
    • I believe the defense got better assuming we sign hamonic, really hard to argue our goaltending got better unless demko exceeds what markstrom did last year. Overall I think Hughes and Petey will have another big year, if not better which will help us compete for sure! Go Canucks go!

      Chris ChrisChris ChrisMånad sedan
  • I wonder who is gonna start in net

    KryptonConsoleKryptonConsoleMånad sedan
    • @KryptonConsole I think Demko and Holts will share it with Demko - 31 games and Holtby - 25 games, or somewhat similar to that.

      Jesus ChristJesus ChristMånad sedan
    • @Chris L I hope so

      KryptonConsoleKryptonConsoleMånad sedan
    • Demko!

      Chris ChrisChris ChrisMånad sedan
    • With how the playoffs ended Demko starts the season 100%

      Chris LChris LMånad sedan
  • I think I'm going to really like Nate Schmidt

    Jeremy LeeJeremy LeeMånad sedan
    • Same

      Landon PueLandon PueMånad sedan
    • I already do haha

      Corey McewenCorey McewenMånad sedan
    • i think so too

      rocketmanrocketmanMånad sedan
    • @VGKHighlights facts

      SchmidtySchmidtyMånad sedan
    • Sameeeeeeeee he's such a outspoken and funny guy

      ShadownetShadownetMånad sedan
  • Pearson-Horvat-Hoglander We can only hope, seems like a very interesting line. I’m excited to see this season. Let’s go boys.

    Logan BrunetLogan BrunetMånad sedan
    • @JeremyCuddles The chemistry with Boeser and Petey can't be beat though.

      Phil TurnerPhil TurnerMånad sedan
    • @JeremyCuddles You just don't split Petey and Boeser. Boeser is so much better when he plays with EP.

      Midi Music ForeverMidi Music ForeverMånad sedan
    • As a king’s fan I’m kinda sad to see pears dressing up with Vancouver still he’s such a hard worker not a huge point getter but doesn’t give up on any plays and very strong.

      Dee geeDee geeMånad sedan
    • I'd rather see Hoglander - Bo - Boeser. Miller - Petey - Jake. Good mix of guys on each line. Really comes down to Jake making that next step though.

      JeremyCuddlesJeremyCuddlesMånad sedan
    • YES

      Infinity MjbInfinity MjbMånad sedan
  • It’s been too long. Canadian division ain’t ready for us boysss. LFG

    thomas steinthomas steinMånad sedan
    • Let’s goooooooooo

      Landon PueLandon PueMånad sedan
    • We gonna do real well leeeets go Canucks

      Lincoln 101Lincoln 101Månad sedan
    • Lol

      Lee AndersonLee AndersonMånad sedan
    • Let’s fn gooooooo Vancouver the best

      Brooks BeachBrooks BeachMånad sedan
  • It’s awesome to see the new guys mesh well!

    TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
  • 8 comments no views...... youtube you can do so much better than that

    Alison BrunanskiAlison BrunanskiMånad sedan
    • Lol

      TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
  • Who's ready to see Holtby play!!

    Dante ManuelDante ManuelMånad sedan
    • Meeeeeee

      Landon PueLandon PueMånad sedan
    • @Chris Chris 👍

      TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
    • Lets hope him and demko do really well so we don't miss markstrom!

      Chris ChrisChris ChrisMånad sedan
    • He's been my favorite goalie for a while so its nice to have him in a Canucks jersey.

      Chris LChris LMånad sedan
    • Me!

      TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
  • lets goooo

    MluinthefleshMluinthefleshMånad sedan
  • Yes! I’m so excited! Come on boys!

    BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • Wooooo!

      TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
  • can’t wait for them to play

    Uipoojin The RabbitUipoojin The RabbitMånad sedan
  • wait, how are they not verified?

    Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
    • LOL yea @SEslow help

      TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
  • Let’s go boys! Let’s have a great year!

    TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
  • Hello

    Not_a_planetNot_a_planetMånad sedan
  • Feels good to be back

    Sameer JafferSameer JafferMånad sedan
  • First

    Landon PueLandon PueMånad sedan
    • Lol

      Landon PueLandon PueMånad sedan
    • Your not

      TheCanucky217TheCanucky217Månad sedan
    • nobody cares

      Manuel ElliottManuel ElliottMånad sedan
  • E

    Huxley E-BHuxley E-BMånad sedan
    • well said

      Vishal_JVishal_JMånad sedan
    • True

      Master BagelMaster BagelMånad sedan