Elias Pettersson 2019-20 NHL Playoffs Highlights

With 17 points in 14 games for the #Canucks so far this post-season, playoff Petey has been fun to watch. đŸ€©
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  • LET'S GO Petey!!

    TheHockeyCardNerdTheHockeyCardNerd3 mÄnader sedan
  • Awesome Vid!!

    Ryan StolzRyan Stolz5 mÄnader sedan
  • How about Bo Horvat's highlights, pls

    John KoetsierJohn Koetsier5 mÄnader sedan
  • Petterson is amazing! This one is going to do great things in hockey...GO CANUCKS đŸ»đŸ»đŸ»đŸ»đŸ»

    Nathan SticeNathan Stice5 mÄnader sedan

    WhiteWhite5 mÄnader sedan
  • Adversity is this man’s rocket fuel.

    Shea JarvisShea Jarvis5 mÄnader sedan
  • *Need to add another goal to this highlight reel.*

    AzNightmareAzNightmare5 mÄnader sedan
  • how are they gonna add the pettersson tip now

    Rios DreadRios Dread6 mÄnader sedan
  • I believe they can win 3 in a row. It’s going to be incredibly difficult but this team doesn’t quit , they will come out flying tonite.

    Mike SplattMike Splatt6 mÄnader sedan
  • Common....why are u releasing this when they aint out yet....ffs

    J KJ K6 mÄnader sedan
  • 0:54 Max Pacioretty in the background "Oh, f***".

    TwilitblackTwilitblack6 mÄnader sedan
  • well, for last year playoffs, san jose won series over vegas in 7 games when vegas blew 3-1 series lead

    maxwellmaxwell6 mÄnader sedan
  • The scary thing is that he is just getting started. Watch out for next season, he is gonna rock your world, especially now that he has levelled up from the playing in this season's playoffs.

    Kenneth MakKenneth Mak6 mÄnader sedan
  • I don’t like this... playoffs are not over. There are highlights to come. Don’t pack it in yet...

    DQuakeDQuake6 mÄnader sedan
  • Petey gunna have a 4 point night tonight

    Shreks SwampShreks Swamp6 mÄnader sedan
  • He’s a beast

    Oscar LoordOscar Loord6 mÄnader sedan
  • 1:17 *If Pettersson cloned himself, we would be have swept Vegas and be waiting for the 3rd round to start.*

    AzNightmareAzNightmare6 mÄnader sedan
    • passing to yourself? just petey things

      BrianBrian6 mÄnader sedan
  • It’s cuz Pettersson is op

    Noah QuesnelleNoah Quesnelle6 mÄnader sedan
  • it is not over yet

    pahul gillpahul gill6 mÄnader sedan
  • its amazing how much abuse he takes and it only fuels him even more!

    John IntendenciaJohn Intendencia6 mÄnader sedan
    • Jordan mentality

      IgniteFIFAHDIgniteFIFAHD4 mÄnader sedan
    • *Still classy enough to give Martinez his glove back and a "nice save" tap on Fleury's pads when he robs him in close.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare6 mÄnader sedan
  • You meant to put “Elias Pettersson 2019-20 NHL playoff highlights so far” we still in this series

    TheDirtyDizzlerTheDirtyDizzler6 mÄnader sedan
  • Can’t wait for part 2 of this video in a couple weeks

    MikotoMikoto6 mÄnader sedan
  • And we have won every away game soooooooooo

    Chel excelChel excel6 mÄnader sedan
  • It’s just sad that the Canucks will not make it threw but maybe next year u never know

    cringe gamingcringe gaming6 mÄnader sedan
  • Even if we lose I am so proud of the Canucks this year hope they can be cup contenders in the near future!!

    Anton TVAnton TV6 mÄnader sedan
  • this edit is fire

    ChromeCChromeC6 mÄnader sedan
  • Save the eulogies for later, queue the comeback!!!! C’mon boys, let’s go get em!

    JP MillerJP Miller6 mÄnader sedan
  • Even Canucks know they are done. Why you disrespect Elias like that before game 5

    Duffman604Duffman6046 mÄnader sedan
  • Shouldn’t this video come out after the Cup is awarded to Vancouver?

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips6 mÄnader sedan
  • They are not done wanna know why they are brave awesome good team and most importantly they are canucks

    boomboomtheman11boomboomtheman116 mÄnader sedan

    Ansh GuptaAnsh Gupta6 mÄnader sedan
    • Ansh Gupta in 4 years, this year is the year they get they’re feet wet

      Joe GoodmanJoe Goodman6 mÄnader sedan
  • if you're gonna put "highlights", at least put "so far" at the end of it

    Andy ZhangAndy Zhang6 mÄnader sedan
    • *It says "so far" , but only in the video description.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare5 mÄnader sedan
  • Stop. He ain't done yet this playoffs

    Matteo CMatteo C6 mÄnader sedan
  • You posted too early going to have to add way more in the coming weeks 😅😅😅👍👍👍

    Dariush EyvariDariush Eyvari6 mÄnader sedan
  • Lolll already given up

    Deggy67Deggy676 mÄnader sedan
    • @Deggy67 sorry i dont speak flames

      boomboomtheman11boomboomtheman116 mÄnader sedan
    • purple guy plays this speak english please

      Deggy67Deggy676 mÄnader sedan
    • Shut up as a Vegas fan they tired yes we are good but they tired we all know they will win a cup one day you can't just be like OH IMA JUST WON THE DUE TO OUR WINS no you can't do that you need to train hard

      boomboomtheman11boomboomtheman116 mÄnader sedan
  • The media guy has lost faith in the canucks

    Rios DreadRios Dread6 mÄnader sedan
    • Rios Dread rip

      Joe GoodmanJoe Goodman6 mÄnader sedan
  • Let’s not forget Vegas choke 3-1 series lead against San Jose last year

    NF 360NF 3606 mÄnader sedan
  • Common guys let's get the 3 in a row. We believe in you. You are the best. Despite how far you go.

    Ryan de BoerRyan de Boer6 mÄnader sedan
    • We're starting the 3 in a row amazing so far 2 more canucks

      Ryan de BoerRyan de Boer5 mÄnader sedan
  • Highlights aint over yet

    Rios DreadRios Dread6 mÄnader sedan
  • He will bring nuck nation to the finals

    Richard ZouRichard Zou6 mÄnader sedan
    • Richard Zou no this is not the year, in 4 years Canucks will make the finals

      Joe GoodmanJoe Goodman6 mÄnader sedan
  • Your gonna need to add more highlights after this #Canucksin7

    Rios DreadRios Dread6 mÄnader sedan
    • dont jinx us bro

      Jin EricJin Eric5 mÄnader sedan
    • As a Canucks fan we have next year right :)

      Addisu BerhanAddisu Berhan6 mÄnader sedan
  • why release this when the playoffs aren't over yet? :((

    Eric TuEric Tu6 mÄnader sedan
    • We were close though :(

      Spl4rkSpl4rk5 mÄnader sedan
    • @reelkena *Wasn't even the same jersey... lol.*

      AzNightmareAzNightmare6 mÄnader sedan
    • Trevor Philips true, i retract my statement. Also they came back 3-1 in 1992 against winnipeg

      Garrett MadiginGarrett Madigin6 mÄnader sedan
    • Garrett Madigin that’s what they said in 1994 versus Calgary!

      Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips6 mÄnader sedan
    • Garrett Madigin ummm Canucks might push to game 6 but that’s it

      Joe GoodmanJoe Goodman6 mÄnader sedan

    Canucks Fan21Canucks Fan216 mÄnader sedan
  • Pistol-Pettersson

    Jim KickJim Kick6 mÄnader sedan
    • Jim Kick *Pettersson

      [Insert Name Here][Insert Name Here]6 mÄnader sedan
    • Jim Kick lol nice try guys it’s Pettersson**

      Vazy 123Vazy 1236 mÄnader sedan
    • @Vinay Parshad auto correct lol

      Jim KickJim Kick6 mÄnader sedan
    • petterson not patterson

      Vinay ParshadVinay Parshad6 mÄnader sedan
  • 1st

    Funny KittyFunny Kitty6 mÄnader sedan
    • Shaun 98 lol

      Joe GoodmanJoe Goodman6 mÄnader sedan
    • Nobody asked

      Shaun 98Shaun 986 mÄnader sedan
    • 2nd

      Adam SakaraAdam Sakara6 mÄnader sedan