Canucks 2021 Home Opener - Sights and Sounds

For the first time in 316 days, the #Canucks play a regular season game at Rogers Arena. Check out the sights and sounds as Vancouver prevails over Montreal 6-5 in a shootout, presented by TD.
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  • These boys have to get it together.

    inutero10inutero10Månad sedan
  • We need to win bois better defensive to

    Nucks r pretty bad RnNucks r pretty bad RnMånad sedan
    • We do

      Real TrashReal TrashMånad sedan
  • Love the fake crowd noise. ..... not

    C.O JonesC.O JonesMånad sedan
  • ok 7-3. this organization needs to go to hell

    Sau ming KwanSau ming KwanMånad sedan
    • Bruh chill

      -GroundShock--GroundShock-Månad sedan
  • oh yeh and J.T Miller good too

    Sau ming KwanSau ming KwanMånad sedan
  • ok im a Canucks fan but after this second game vs Montreal I have many things to say not in a positive light. first just play Holtby for the rest of the season cause Demko needs a new job or something and Petterson cant do anything but turn the puck over and produce nothing on offense. our injury situation is terrible, Myers just keeps getting penalties the only ones playing well are Horvat, Boeser, and Holtby plus our powerplay is just go to Horvat. Every time I turn on the tv i'm usually disapointed from this team, and when I turn it off they go X games mode and it makes me sad that it happens that I missed some huge comeback from the team I love watching. This team will never make it to the top and this season is a wash. Now I just hope the Canucks see this comment and fix something up with the team and I think i'm not the only Canuck fan that agrees with me on this comment.

    Sau ming KwanSau ming KwanMånad sedan
    • Shut it!!!

      Vancouver ViKinGVancouver ViKinGMånad sedan
  • Undefeated at home let's goooooo

    DlongrsDlongrsMånad sedan
  • oh captain my captain.

    fr3ak0ut1fr3ak0ut1Månad sedan
  • Synthetic crowd controller. Lmao society has become a laughing joke

    J YgbJ YgbMånad sedan
    • Imagine being the players......don't forget that weak ass horn

      Subie SnacksSubie SnacksMånad sedan
  • We need more wins

    Rav BualRav BualMånad sedan
    • We do

      Real TrashReal TrashMånad sedan
  • these guys hug each other more than my mother hugs me

    John316John316Månad sedan
    • Sorry for you dude.

      Adrian VukosicAdrian VukosicMånad sedan
  • my favorite team!!!!

    Kim MacGregorKim MacGregorMånad sedan
  • Steven Van Vooght more like Vincent Van Gogh in how he artfully uses the synthetic crowd noise! 😎 Go Canucks!

    roy canuckroy canuckMånad sedan
    • A good pun.

      Adrian VukosicAdrian VukosicMånad sedan
  • Let’s go boys

    HarrisonHarrisonMånad sedan
  • Put olli juolevi back in the line up

    Edgardo Maldonado acunaEdgardo Maldonado acunaMånad sedan
    • You really think they’re gonna see this?

      CanucksFanBoyCanucksFanBoyMånad sedan
  • What a game if I say so myself.

    Wizard EditzWizard EditzMånad sedan

    Ansh GuptaAnsh GuptaMånad sedan
  • Lets go boys!!

    nathannathanMånad sedan
  • It says 2 views but there’s 11 likes

    BloxygamerytBloxygamerytMånad sedan
  • First

    Lincoln 101Lincoln 101Månad sedan
    • Go Canucks 🥺

      Lincoln 101Lincoln 101Månad sedan
    • @David Metzler rude

      Real TrashReal TrashMånad sedan
    • First (to tell you that no one cares) - just buggin ya, go canucks :)

      David MetzlerDavid MetzlerMånad sedan