Olli Juolevi Scores First NHL Goal vs Senators (Jan. 25, 2021)

Bo Horvat wins a power-play faceoff back to Olli Juolevi, who nets a one-timer for his first career #NHL goal, extending the #Canucks lead to 6-1 during their first game of the season against the Ottawa Senators.
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  • Poor guy gets scratched next game and is currently on the taxi squad now.

    Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights21 dag sedan
  • Senators got crapped on last night 😂

    BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
  • Olli Juolevi is king

    Vitsi tykkiVitsi tykkiMånad sedan
  • After 5 years he finally made it

    RandomRandomMånad sedan
    • @Braeden Yeah i know man. So am i.

      RandomRandomMånad sedan
    • Dmen usually take longer to develop then forwards. Plus his injuries were a bump in his road to the NHL. Glad the kid has finally made it. He looked really good last night

      BraedenBraedenMånad sedan
  • Murray told me that all 7 of these goals were lucky.

    Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
    • They're all pretty hilarious if you think about it.

      Billy TessioBilly TessioMånad sedan
    • Hope to see him in net for the next 2 games lol

      Lorne BeckLorne BeckMånad sedan
    • This man always get lit up by us it’s hilarious

      General DestinyGeneral DestinyMånad sedan
  • Juolevi, Juolevi, You Bet

    Robert SagestRobert SagestMånad sedan

    Ansh GuptaAnsh GuptaMånad sedan
  • why do i only hear john through my left ear

    vorvvorvMånad sedan
  • They never post much too SEslow they should posting highlights here again

    Deepak MDeepak MMånad sedan
    • @Deepak M oh alright, Sportsnet does own them too though since the Canucks have a tv deal with them

      MotionMotionMånad sedan
    • @Motion no they just use Facebook it used to be SEslow the Canucks game highlights are the Canucks property they can use it how ever they please

      Deepak MDeepak MMånad sedan
    • I think Sportsnet is the only place that can do that since they own the broadcasts

      MotionMotionMånad sedan
  • You-lovee when Juolevi scores

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor PhilipsMånad sedan
  • really couldn't have fixed the audio before posting huh

    NHL VANNHL VANMånad sedan
  • James Cybulski says he's a bust.

    JBJBMånad sedan
    • @JB I personally wont declare him at least a complete bust but i see where he is coming from.

      Apilolomi 43Apilolomi 43Månad sedan
    • @JB Well, going off of whether or not he'll live up to the potential he had when he was drafted 5th overall which is how a bunch of people decide if a top 5 pick is a bust or not, he's pretty much guaranteed to be a bust outside of lots of sudden improvement which we haven't seen yet. James Cybulski would be right so far. Being an NHL regular, totally possible, but he hasn't been good so far. He was fine in his playoff game for us. The regular-season games so far have been bad. Invisible in 90% of them with a few turnovers.

      Sean AverySean AveryMånad sedan
    • @Apilolomi 43 He does radio on 650 it was after the Canucks lost to Vegas. He was spouting off about how terrible a pick he was and we should just end the experiment.

      JBJBMånad sedan
    • Where?

      Apilolomi 43Apilolomi 43Månad sedan
  • Congrats :)

    FishbyFishbyMånad sedan
  • Finally a win 👍🏼👌🏻

    Keira TrudgianKeira TrudgianMånad sedan
  • Stud in the making.

    EpicElite333EpicElite333Månad sedan
  • Future star

    Lincoln 101Lincoln 101Månad sedan