Tyler Motte Shorthanded Goal at St. Louis Blues (Aug. 19, 2020)

#Canucks forward Tyler Motte speeds in on a break, dekes around a defender and buries a shorthanded goal to open the scoring for the Vancouver against the St. Louis Blues in Game 5, Round 1 of the 2020 NHL #StanleyCup Playoffs.
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  • This goal is a work of art.🍻🍻🍻🍻GO CANUCKS 🍻🍻🍻🍻

    Nathan SticeNathan Stice6 månader sedan
  • woohooo!!

    rl2oo8rl2oo86 månader sedan
  • Let’s get to 100,000 subscribers on Vancouver Canucks.

    ExtrasExtras6 månader sedan
  • Beautiful

    John316John3166 månader sedan
  • Drop pass doesnt work anymore, change the Power Play

    Ojicree KingOjicree King6 månader sedan
  • Yes!

    Andy TraslinAndy Traslin6 månader sedan

    BoquaaBoquaa6 månader sedan
  • Nice!

    Brendan KelbyBrendan Kelby6 månader sedan
    • Nice!

      Brendan KelbyBrendan Kelby6 månader sedan
  • *The Canucks 4th line should be called Mottley Crew.*

    Billy TessioBilly Tessio6 månader sedan
  • Big win! Marky and Motters stepping up and who woulda guessed Jakey is finally Wakey

    Lion95Lion956 månader sedan
  • What a guy! Go Canucks!

    LandonHockeyLandonHockey6 månader sedan
  • Edler update?

    Elsie ShawElsie Shaw6 månader sedan
    • 50/50 for Friday's game but will play Sunday for sure.

      Flowmasta FlamFlowmasta Flam6 månader sedan
  • Go Canucks baby!

    Bojan GBojan G6 månader sedan
  • Really nice goal by Motte helps the blues player sticks breaks but still pretty nice move

    Dtrain 99Dtrain 996 månader sedan
  • it's good we won but if edler is out for game 6 who will replace him myers is already out

    Aidan KellyAidan Kelly6 månader sedan
    • Rafferty, juolevi ,breisbois, chatfield

      P SP S6 månader sedan
  • What a game boys! Motter did amazing. Absolute stud tonight. You guys showed a no quit attitude. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit. Keep the energy going boys!!!

    None YoBusinessNone YoBusiness6 månader sedan
  • Good win boys, let's put them down on Friday.

    Trash FireTrash Fire6 månader sedan
    • TheFalseProphet and we did!

      LandonHockeyLandonHockey6 månader sedan
    • @TheFalseProphet Things are looking good. We've got the momentum. 👍

      Trash FireTrash Fire6 månader sedan
    • Trash Fire really hope the boys can advance

      TheFalseProphetTheFalseProphet6 månader sedan
  • What a goal! Tyler Motte coming up huge tonight

    Rob LockhartRob Lockhart6 månader sedan

    TimsAFKTimsAFK6 månader sedan
    • TimsAFK yeah he’s huge on the PK and also skates fast and exerts pressure

      TheFalseProphetTheFalseProphet6 månader sedan
  • Finally another teams stick breaks lol

    Chief CanuckChief Canuck6 månader sedan

    BoquaaBoquaa6 månader sedan
  • It's a tie game now

    Joseph KimJoseph Kim6 månader sedan
    • And they won...

      Mr BeafyMr Beafy6 månader sedan
  • Cmon lets win this

    thouzendthouzend6 månader sedan
  • Yay Tyler Motte! 💙💚

    HockeyGirlFan 18HockeyGirlFan 186 månader sedan
  • The seconds this was posted st Luis score

    cringe gamingcringe gaming6 månader sedan
    • it all worked out

      PacebeatsPacebeats6 månader sedan
    • Ikr

      BoquaaBoquaa6 månader sedan
  • Canucks D is so trash, markstrom us a god tho

    snoop doggsnoop dogg6 månader sedan
    • Trash Fire yeah! I forgot about Tanev! Hughes is really amazing though. I want to see him get in a fight 😂

      BoquaaBoquaa6 månader sedan
    • Tanev and Edler are both solid D men.

      Trash FireTrash Fire6 månader sedan
    • Cool Kid how tf are they winning

      BoquaaBoquaa6 månader sedan
    • Cool Kid yea

      BoquaaBoquaa6 månader sedan
    • Boquaa On iPad Yes their good it's just the blues are good too

      thouzendthouzend6 månader sedan
  • We're trailing COME ON

    WowWow6 månader sedan
  • Tell these refs to go to school first then you can post the goal

    Cole CampbellCole Campbell6 månader sedan
    • Ya always the refs fault

      superstaralensuperstaralen6 månader sedan
  • Another goal now

    Snoh SODMGSnoh SODMG6 månader sedan
  • Second

    ObzerveObzerve6 månader sedan
  • First

    Harp LehalHarp Lehal6 månader sedan