Canucks 2020 NHL Entry Draft - Behind the Scenes

One week ago the #NHL held the first ever virtual Entry Draft. Get an inside look at the #Canucks front office as GM Jim Benning and his team add three defencemen, a centre and a winger to their pool of prospects.
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  • remember 2011 you school threats?

    Keanan MageeKeanan Magee2 månader sedan
  • Nice video.

    Blue CaromBlue Carom2 månader sedan
  • Loui Eriksson is better then Petterson

    TGJTGJ3 månader sedan
  • Awesome insight in drafting

    Mister PogiMister Pogi3 månader sedan
  • am i in the write place

  • Juolevi better do something.

    ViridxuzlyViridxuzly4 månader sedan

    ViridxuzlyViridxuzly4 månader sedan
  • Holtby is gonna rock

    boomboomtheman11boomboomtheman114 månader sedan
  • C'mon bois we got this we need more hype

    Faheema AnwerFaheema Anwer4 månader sedan
  • Going to be honest Jim Benning has been amazing for the team he’s been picking the best boys out there and eventually since to him we might get a win

    PureSatsuma __PureSatsuma __4 månader sedan
    • @Vancouver Canucks yeah but there it he does a good job drafting and stuff and he’s a really good guys I heard

      PureSatsuma __PureSatsuma __4 månader sedan
    • Yeah, this free agency has been sad to see

      Vancouver CanucksVancouver Canucks4 månader sedan
    • He drafts well, but sucks at signing free agents.

      Blair ThandiBlair Thandi4 månader sedan
  • Can’t wait for hockey to start

    Red PillRed Pill4 månader sedan
  • wheres the 2019 version

    James GalbraithJames Galbraith4 månader sedan
  • Fire Jim Benning!

    Justin ShieldsJustin Shields4 månader sedan
    • @Blair Thandi nah he picks the best players and we did pretty good in the play offs the only reason we lost is because of that Ryan reeves

      PureSatsuma __PureSatsuma __4 månader sedan
    • @PureSatsuma __ Huh, after the terrible free agency, I don't think so. TOFFOLI still should be a Vancouver Canuck.

      Blair ThandiBlair Thandi4 månader sedan
    • No he’s the best gm

      PureSatsuma __PureSatsuma __4 månader sedan
  • I’m still choked Toffoli left 😩

    MikeMMikeM4 månader sedan
    • That’s gonna make a huge different.

      Jora MusicJora MusicMånad sedan
    • same :(

      Manuel ElliottManuel Elliott4 månader sedan
  • Jet Black Jim

    atarashiiatarashii4 månader sedan
  • T H I Q Q

    RoflcawpturRoflcawptur4 månader sedan
  • 1:05 The Kings gets Lafreniere at 83rd could be a steal

    Josh AJosh A4 månader sedan
    • They really want him

      Ash 123Ash 1234 månader sedan
  • so they actually worked on draft day? how do they let Toffoli go for a low contract after trading Madden/2nd round pick, but still retain Jake who's gonna cost them only $1.5M less??

    TONYNOMTONYNOM4 månader sedan
    • @Blair Thandi go be pissed, noone cares

      G BG B4 månader sedan
    • If they pick VIRTANEN over TOFFOLI, I'mme be really pissed.

      Blair ThandiBlair Thandi4 månader sedan
    • Noone knew covid would be this bad when he made that trade.

      G BG B4 månader sedan
    • cap

      Little Big AssLittle Big Ass4 månader sedan
  • Got a good feeling for Jurmo. Seems really mature mentally and physically.

    NozzyNozzy4 månader sedan
  • I'm amazed they managed to make a 4-minute video of the least exciting draft year of the franchise.

    Rodrigo LemeRodrigo Leme4 månader sedan
    • @JeremyCuddles I concede there's excitement, even if you have picks #1996 and #3427. But I meant it (mostly) as a joke.

      Rodrigo LemeRodrigo Leme4 månader sedan
    • Leading up to it, of course. But seeing some of the guys we got I was pretty excited. Jurmo looks really solid. Could be a big steal. Some interesting picks. Obviously it's boring to the fair weather fan. But for the hardcores that follow the kids' development it's still pretty exciting.

      JeremyCuddlesJeremyCuddles4 månader sedan
  • When do they talk about not signing Toffoli for 4x4?

    Craig DownieCraig Downie4 månader sedan
    • @Blair Thandi Podkolzin can join the club around halfway through the 2020-21 season if he wants too.

      AnsarcTheLowestAnsarcTheLowest4 månader sedan
    • @AnsarcTheLowest In a few seasons though, but maybe HOGLANDER can make the team at training camp.

      Blair ThandiBlair Thandi4 månader sedan
    • @Dano Dominic yeah true

      BoquaaBoquaa4 månader sedan
    • @Boquaa I'm sure lots of players would thrive playing along side of Pettersson, Miller and Hughes.

      Dano DominicDano Dominic4 månader sedan
    • @Tunjî not really

      BoquaaBoquaa4 månader sedan
  • Smart food?

    Yrb KYrb K4 månader sedan
  • Hope we can do really well this season come on boys!

    BoquaaBoquaa4 månader sedan
    • @Chris I’m going to miss Tanev and stetcher

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • @Furious Drip sup

      BoquaaBoquaaMånad sedan
    • Hi Ben

      Furious DripFurious DripMånad sedan
    • the canucks lost markstrom, toffoli, stecher, tanev, leivo, and probably even more im forgetting. theyre gonna be pretty bad lol

      ChrisChris4 månader sedan
    • I hope too.

      Adrian VukosicAdrian Vukosic4 månader sedan
  • canucks are my favorite team

    Manuel ElliottManuel Elliott4 månader sedan
  • Zlodeyev "THICC"

    jcdeguz14jcdeguz144 månader sedan
    • 🤣

      Adrian VukosicAdrian Vukosic4 månader sedan
    • Palmu is pretty thicc

      FishbyFishby4 månader sedan
  • T H I C C

    AnsarcTheLowestAnsarcTheLowest4 månader sedan
    • Noooooo omg

      PureSatsuma __PureSatsuma __4 månader sedan
  • 0:18 Benning not wearing his mask properly

    graphics or gameplay?graphics or gameplay?4 månader sedan
    • @Kenny Mars Breitbart LMFAO

      horderulzforeverhorderulzforever4 månader sedan
    • @Kenny Mars Stay ignorant, idiotic , pressed, and old. I can think of a million other adjectives. Keep using the same insult over and over buddy, it's embarrassing 🤭

      Shubhdeep Kaur GillShubhdeep Kaur Gill4 månader sedan
    • @Shubhdeep Kaur Gill Stay fluffy 🐑🐑

      Kenny MarsKenny Mars4 månader sedan
    • @Kenny Mars I'm a woman. And the only thing that makes you a sheep is not educating yourself on things that fully available at your disposal. Stay pressed old man.

      Shubhdeep Kaur GillShubhdeep Kaur Gill4 månader sedan
    • @Shubhdeep Kaur Gill ok one more chance little boy, you don't want to be a little sheep all your life do you? 🐑

      Kenny MarsKenny Mars4 månader sedan
  • Canucks go

    Pammy KailayPammy Kailay4 månader sedan
  • Early

    Pammy KailayPammy Kailay4 månader sedan