J.T. Miller Draft Day Trade Rewind

We may not have a pick in the 1st Round of the 2020 NHL Draft... but instead, we have this.
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    Andy a la carteAndy a la carteMånad sedan
  • Would give.Miller up for Seth Jarvis now of Carolina hurricanes vs that trade.

    mark nieuwejaarmark nieuwejaar2 månader sedan
  • JT went from nearly invisible in Tampa to monster in Vancouver. It’s hard to believe he’s the same player. It just goes to show you how identity in locker room affect player psyche.

    Goalieman JmkGoalieman Jmk3 månader sedan
  • This guy deserves an A , guy is an engine. Pure energy that guy.

    Gemini TaurusGemini Taurus3 månader sedan
  • What a beauty

    Aishaa AAishaa A4 månader sedan
  • This is the equivalent of “We have a Hulk”

    CuJ02CuJ024 månader sedan
  • He probably wished he was still with Tampa Bay about now.

    September2004September20044 månader sedan
  • So we won trade, but Tampa took that 1st rounder of Canucks and traded it for a player who helped them win a cup ? I am betting Tampa quite happy with results .

    dave walkerdave walker4 månader sedan
  • GM JB - pulled some robberies for the Canucks organisation the last couple of years man. BIG UPS TO JB we got some treasures man. Boeser at 23rd. pete and hughes should both be first overall . podkolzin will light it up for sure. and then adding Toffoli and Miller. for pretty much nothing.

    Shelvin MaharajShelvin Maharaj4 månader sedan
  • Has skill, drive and leadership and that's why I never doubted this trade

    Ray KonRay Kon4 månader sedan
  • Buzz Feed List: Greatest Canuck trades of all time: - The trade for Nazzy - the trade for Luongo - the trade for Ronning and Courtnall - the trade for Miller - the trade for Higgy and Lappy - the trade for Mogilny - who else?

    PuthSardaraDhaPuthSardaraDha4 månader sedan
    • @T G That was total robbery as well. Vegas was screwed unless they moved him.

      Phil TurnerPhil TurnerMånad sedan
    • And now the trade for nate Schmidt

      T GT G4 månader sedan
  • seslow.info/u/g3qGxLeZimRvq80/video&ab_channel=DraftDynasty Dmitri Ovchinnikov....Benning are you watching??? Crazy effort to skate back and dive to break up a 2 on 1.....from a dynamic offensive player....82nd overall please

    Ian SzeIan Sze4 månader sedan
  • What's not to love about Millsy!

    Fraser CrawfordFraser Crawford4 månader sedan
  • If trading for your top scorer is a bad idea to you, you're probably an idiot!

    Old Cyril The Gaming GrandpaOld Cyril The Gaming Grandpa4 månader sedan
  • Definitely has an A next year

    Quarterback144Quarterback1444 månader sedan
  • Can we get the video where Benning trades Tyler Madden ( rated one of the best already drafted players not in the NHL yet) for Toffoli who is great but was a rental and now may leave the team on free agency day. *Smiley face*

    MrPanzerTimeMrPanzerTime4 månader sedan
    • @MrPanzerTime Madden had pretty much stated he would never sign with Vancouver. The Canucks also didn't like his attitude.

      Phil TurnerPhil TurnerMånad sedan
    • @Remember to do your training Tyler Madden could have a bigger upside and would have been a longer stay. toffoli is great, but the cost it took for a rental now seems shaky since Canucks Forward prospects in Utica seem meh and they keep giving players like Virtanen chances.

      MrPanzerTimeMrPanzerTime4 månader sedan
    • Did you watch the past season? Toffoli was a major part...also not in NHL yet...

      Remember to do your trainingRemember to do your training4 månader sedan
  • If only we could clone him. He’s a keeper!

    Mike SplattMike Splatt4 månader sedan
    • Clone him? He's already a Canucks. Or your mean which team?

      MikeMMikeM4 månader sedan
  • "We can't do anything today, but at least we have Miller" and you know what? You're right. Miller is a beast.

    JeremyCuddlesJeremyCuddles4 månader sedan
  • best canucks trade since the Luongo deal in 2006

    NHL VANNHL VAN4 månader sedan
  • Definitely a good trade. Although hindsight is always 2020, at the time most fans were worried that we were giving up too much, but not all 1st rounders pan out to be elite players. Much of them are busts/3rd or 4th liners. I think it is worth the risk of trading a mid to late 1st rnd pick for a proven elite forward. Unlike Boeser who relies on one-timers and having someone set up plays for him, J.T Miller is a great two way player who can generate his own offense, much like Petey. He isn't afraid to throw his body around either.

    AlpineM3AlpineM34 månader sedan
  • Not that it really matters, but the next letter A is going to be seen on that guys sweater!

    Doctor JonesDoctor Jones4 månader sedan
  • canucks: we may not have the first round pick but instead we have this xD

    Pebble_ Cl1cksPebble_ Cl1cks4 månader sedan
  • I saw just “Draft” snd “Trade” 😨 I got a little scared 😳 I may have 💩 a little

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor Philips4 månader sedan
  • Definitely one of the best trades for Vancouver Canucks history. 👍

    Governor x84Governor x844 månader sedan
  • Not that he's a bad player, but OEL isn't really the type of D we need and it's a risk with our cap situation, so I hope they don't trade for him.

    Sean AverySean Avery4 månader sedan
    • @Logan Brunet Trading 2 bad contracts away with only 1-2 years left for a bad contract with 7 years left would be the most Benning thing ever.

      Sean AverySean Avery4 månader sedan
    • Only way I see it is loui and sutter are both a part of the trade, but even then maybe a little salary retained for OEL

      Logan BrunetLogan Brunet4 månader sedan
  • This has turned into the annual "Canucks fans were wrong about JT Miller (even though they weren't and always knew he would be an amazing player with Petey and were just worried about the risk of trading a 1st as a bubble team at best at the time)" on Canucks Twitter.

    Sean AverySean Avery4 månader sedan
    • @mark nieuwejaar What would you say his ceiling is?

      Sean AverySean Avery2 månader sedan
    • Wish we drafted Seth Jarvis from Portland instead of trading for Miller...

      mark nieuwejaarmark nieuwejaar2 månader sedan
    • @MikeM Only a minuscule amount of fans did. The majority of people hating on it weren't Canucks fans. They liked Pettersson at the time and they liked Miller at the time. Just false narratives.

      Sean AverySean Avery4 månader sedan
    • "Fans" were wrong about Pettersson too. Big time.

      MikeMMikeM4 månader sedan
  • no trading this man

    Bowser GamerBowser Gamer4 månader sedan
  • Watching the draft and not hearing bettman get booed is not the same.

    Adam RutkowskiAdam Rutkowski4 månader sedan
    • Oh he got boo’d just in Shannon’s stream 😂

      MKGamingMKGaming4 månader sedan
  • Bye j.t

    All Things AnjanAll Things Anjan4 månader sedan
  • Worth more than a first when u add his value in the locker room

    AyeCeeAyeCee4 månader sedan
  • One day I’ll be on this team

    Ben StocksBen Stocks4 månader sedan
    • You got this buddy!

      WasabiWasabiMånad sedan
    • As the jock strap collector maybe

      goodstuffohhyeahgoodstuffohhyeah3 månader sedan
    • Hell ya

      DrMikeyDrMikey4 månader sedan
    • Ok, less Fortnite, more hard work and perseverance, and you'll get there. I believe in you.

      VHL GuyVHL Guy4 månader sedan
    • You got this bro

      H.P.H.P.4 månader sedan