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  • I am not a hockey fan, but these comments are priceless!!😂

    Kelvin MadisonKelvin Madison3 timmar sedan
  • 2:24: my girlfriend when i pick her up

    RilisoftRilisoft5 timmar sedan
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    Adrien PinardAdrien Pinard11 timmar sedan
  • Chick was more stoked than he was

    iceman7733iceman773311 timmar sedan
  • didn't know Mark Ruffalo was a hockey trainer

    ParableParable16 timmar sedan
  • Ya Bo

    TeabonesteakTeabonesteak18 timmar sedan
  • She was in shock because the whole was smaller than the puck.

    ws 2019ws 2019Dag sedan
  • I remember being at a bar when one of these was done. The whole place lost it and cheered like crazy.

    PyrolightPyrolightDag sedan
  • elias dad, that swedish, english accent omg.. xD

    FLoW - 4KFLoW - 4KDag sedan
  • 2:21

    NotMeExactlyNotMeExactlyDag sedan
  • I like his attitude 👍👍👍👍. She is very good at her job, I don’t think she could have been happier for him

    JLJLDag sedan
  • I can't believe they all got to witness history in the making! From here on, the history of the Americas cannot be told without the saga of Aaron that won a brand new Honda C-HR that gets over 50 kpg.

    Pauly BeefsPauly BeefsDag sedan
  • Mr beast challenge : expert mode

    Leopard 3402Leopard 34022 dagar sedan
  • Her reaction was so much more authentic than any other time she opened her mouth

    some guysome guy2 dagar sedan
  • So jacked that they dont clean the crease before shooting. That puck was bouncing worse than a stripper on a Saturday night.

    Jerry UnderhillJerry Underhill2 dagar sedan
  • My favorite part is her reaction to realizing she has to tell her boss what happened.

    Riggin ThornileyRiggin Thorniley2 dagar sedan
  • "Corn dogs, Jackie, corn dogs for all these people!" - Father Pat

    Todd BaileyTodd Bailey2 dagar sedan
  • Remote controlled ice puck💭

    pewdsrallypewdsrally2 dagar sedan
  • Bieksa was such a spot picker.

    Bobby MulliganBobby Mulligan2 dagar sedan
  • I'd be asking Hanna if she wants a ride.

    CrazyTuco1CrazyTuco12 dagar sedan
  • He only seemed moderately amused by this success...he must win cars often.

    BrandociousBrandocious2 dagar sedan
  • Canadian sides fixing matches in the NHL. Been getting worse every year.

    Charles ColeCharles Cole3 dagar sedan
  • This is like 100x harder than a basketball half-court shot

    Robbie MarkwellRobbie Markwell3 dagar sedan
  • Wow super excited........

    J SmittyJ Smitty3 dagar sedan
  • Dude effortlessly slid it in the hole and she was speechless!

    Raz CueRaz Cue3 dagar sedan
  • it look like he his haveing fun

    Paige TalaskiPaige Talaski3 dagar sedan
  • 1:06 that fake jersey tho😂👎( top,left)

    bIGbOYjAkObbIGbOYjAkOb3 dagar sedan
  • The beast has been picked

    Nils hoggy Is a beastNils hoggy Is a beast3 dagar sedan
  • Look, I can can even fit my hooky stick, eh?

    Greg DoleckiGreg Dolecki3 dagar sedan
  • Long live the great one!

    am 28am 283 dagar sedan
  • Unpopular opinion: I like the old fade jerseys as well as these in the new colours

    V1nnyV1nny3 dagar sedan
  • The views of this video makes me think that he wasn't supposed win

    Mārtiņš KaupersMārtiņš Kaupers3 dagar sedan
  • Legend has it that he traded that piece of crap for a case of beer

    Robert PaquetteRobert Paquette4 dagar sedan
  • I was at this game!!!

    K flixK flix4 dagar sedan
  • Sounds better than my psychopathic stalkers pride

    The Dasilva 1080p TrapThe Dasilva 1080p Trap4 dagar sedan
  • This interview is cringeworthy

    asifyouforgotasifyouforgot4 dagar sedan
  • Are you nervous? Hold my beer!

    Robert MüllerRobert Müller4 dagar sedan
  • My favourite Canuck of all time.

    David Marrison rugDavid Marrison rug4 dagar sedan
  • I miss that voice. What a legend. RIP.

    Carson LougheedCarson Lougheed4 dagar sedan
  • That is a Canadian over the can see by his reaction

    Nog311Nog3114 dagar sedan
  • Travis green a great canucks coach lik alan veinough

    Ashnit PrasadAshnit Prasad4 dagar sedan
  • how can I call? Please put me through to Huggy and Nils

    Simona VolpovSimona Volpov4 dagar sedan
  • Hey JT, are you competitive with the other NHL players that were associated with you during your career prior to the professional league? (I.e. Gaudreau, Trocheck, McCabe, Strome, Evan Rodrigues?)

    Kent SherrerKent Sherrer5 dagar sedan
  • Can höglander do the lacrosse move in a game

    N SluggettN Sluggett5 dagar sedan
  • The announcer lady was speechless like she just won the lottery and the guy who hit the shot acted like it was just another day.

    Tucker 32Tucker 325 dagar sedan
  • Love that look love that team. LETS GO CANUCKS👏 👏👏 👏👏👏 LETS GO CANUCKS GO CANUCKS🍻🍻🍻

    Nathan SticeNathan Stice5 dagar sedan
  • Dude was making sure no one touched his Hockey Stick, they say he is still holding it

    samuel1624samuel16245 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, she’s hot

    heywood yabuzzoffheywood yabuzzoff5 dagar sedan
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    Trey RosenbaumTrey Rosenbaum5 dagar sedan
  • Long drive, did he ever get home?

    sannox01sannox015 dagar sedan
  • Makes me angry that it took so long to induct him into the HHoF. Ridiculous.

    Frank L Ulatowski Jr.Frank L Ulatowski Jr.5 dagar sedan
  • She almost cries and he thinks Oh I win a what?

    burgherr 09burgherr 095 dagar sedan
  • this is edited and fake. notice the cut scene.

    John FriedelJohn Friedel6 dagar sedan
  • I miss Vrbata. Was a great Canuck!

    John GirouxJohn Giroux6 dagar sedan
  • Höglander fixar det igen vilket mål synd att han inte får slå straffar på övertid

    Niels Henrik FalsbergNiels Henrik Falsberg6 dagar sedan
  • Jesus christ they really didn't want anyone to win that car.

    Hugh FranklinHugh Franklin6 dagar sedan
  • Shoots less comfortable name sweats

    Borden SirkBorden Sirk6 dagar sedan
  • Who’s here when he’s now in the NHL and playing really well defensively

    Soviet UnionSoviet Union6 dagar sedan
  • At that point, you might as well ask her out on a date as well! Damn, she was more excited that he was and might as well ride the luck even further!

    strkeoutstrkeout6 dagar sedan
  • 1:28 and playback speed .25.... The freaking thing is airborne just prior to the opening. Unreal

    tractorback76tractorback766 dagar sedan
  • Pavel Bure was a great great hockey player extremely fast and skilled whose career was shortened due to knee problems.

    Ray ManbertRay Manbert6 dagar sedan
  • I love Dan hamhuis... im from Milwaukee and I am so grateful I got to see him in ahl with ads b4 he made nhl

    Dillon DDillon D6 dagar sedan
  • We need a new coaching staff not fire green as in New defensive coach and we lost manny that goes our face off coach

    Shut the Fuk upShut the Fuk up6 dagar sedan
  • Valeri Bure was his brother and a good player on his own but not as good as Pavel. The NHL shoueld be playing on International ice surface not North.America size to take advantage of the players skills but they are too cheap to do it!! Players are bigger today and would make for a much better game!!!

    Ray ManbertRay Manbert7 dagar sedan
  • She seems more excited than he does.

    Grammar PoliceGrammar Police7 dagar sedan
  • I got goosebumps watching this

    Jaden FernandoJaden Fernando7 dagar sedan
  • Looks like an old practice jersey

    mrpritosringmrpritosring7 dagar sedan
  • I’m disgusted I had CC on and at 2:15 it says go check out your brand-new por# whoever did that needs to fix it

    Liam QuanLiam Quan7 dagar sedan
    • Lmao. I saw that too. I died right there

      RandomXploitsRandomXploits7 dagar sedan
  • In my opinion, you need to pay attention to the position of Goalie glove; back tilt while standing; clubs; synchronous rotation of the body, head, arms. Skating: due to the technical element, you can accelerate the movement several times, etc.

    Сегрей МануковСегрей Мануков7 dagar sedan
  • Awesome

    RetroToonsRetroToons7 dagar sedan
  • Still the coolest player on and off the ice,ppl of all sports admire this guy and it's will deserved.

    Everett KnightEverett Knight7 dagar sedan
  • The Canucks ownership sucks.

    B FranklinB Franklin7 dagar sedan
  • She was more excited then him

    Rick KillianRick Killian7 dagar sedan
  • Who was narrating. That was atrocious

    SureShotSnipez41SureShotSnipez417 dagar sedan
  • Look like pajamas and sprite can

    PrettyChillPhamPrettyChillPham8 dagar sedan
  • bring back the gradient skate next

    NHL VANNHL VAN8 dagar sedan
  • Guy should of asked the reported to take a ride in his Toyota 😎

    SRT8 _HEMISRT8 _HEMI8 dagar sedan
  • I like the new retro jerseys

    Casket BrainCasket Brain8 dagar sedan
    • I agree they’re awesome

      Jayke KnollJayke Knoll7 dagar sedan
  • Why the ef green?

    Shannon WilsonShannon Wilson8 dagar sedan
    • It’s reverse retro a combination of retro and the current team jerseys

      Dtrain 99Dtrain 997 dagar sedan
  • Can you people actually give him a proper best of!!! Demko deserves a real best of!!!!

    Matthew AndersonMatthew Anderson8 dagar sedan